Saturday, March 10, 2007

Peace Ride

Date : March.12th (Mon) to 14th (Wed), 2007
Venue : SungKongHoe University, 7417

March.12th (Mon), 2007

Session 1. Vietnam

Date : From 14:00 to 17:00 March. 12th (Mon)
Subject: New Approaches for Solidarity between Vietnamese and Korean Civil Societies
Speaker: Solidarity Today and Tomorrow between Korean and Vietnamese Civil Societies: the Current Situation and Challenges -wartime massacres, international marriage, and sexual exploitation) - Leh Than Dong / GoodWill
Panelist : Never Ending - Bringing Justice to the Past - Kin Kyu Hwan / Representative of 'I and We'

March.13th (Tue),2007

Session 2. East Timor

Date : From 10:00 to 13:00 March.13th (Tue)
Subject : Human Rights Issues after the Independence in East Timor
Speaker: Colonial Legacy in Human Rights Violations and Current Situation in East Timor - Aniceto Nevez / HAK Association
Panelist : Colonialism and Human Rights in East Timor: South Korean's Role - Lyu Eun Sook / Human Rights Research Center

Session3. West Papua

Date : From 14:00 to 17:00 March.13th (Tue)

Subject : Now and in the Future of West Papua
Speaker: "West Papua" the Land of Peace - The Resistance Movement against the State Violence of Indonesia and Challenges Ahead (Benny - Walter Post theological College Jayapura, West Papua)
Panelist : The Effects of International Society on Independence of East Timor and Solidarity Movement for West Papua within East Timor / What international society means for independence in East Timor and the solidarity movement in West Papua within East Timor - Aniceto Nevez / HAK Association

March.14th (Wed),2007

Session4. Burma

Date : From 10:00 to 13:00 March.14th (Wed)
Subject : IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in Burma and the Role of Korean Civil Society
Speaker : resent Situation in Burma and Lives of IDPs(Internally Displaced Persons) -YiYiWin (Karen Youth Organization)
Panelist 1 : The Cause of Burmese IDPs and the Reaction from Korean Civil Society -With the Case of Gas Field Development in Burma -Na Hyun Phill / KHIS
Panelist 2 : Struggles by Burmese and Current Solidarity Movement in Korea -Ma Wung Zaw

Session5. Philippines

Date : From 14:00 to 15:00 March.14th (Wed)
Subject : Political Killing in the Philippines and the Role of Civil Society
Speaker : Defective system of justice subverts democracy - Danilo Reyes / AHRC
Panelist 1 : Political killing in the Philippines and Role of Korean Solidarity Movement -Moon Jeung Ho, Solidarity for Philippine's Human Rights.
Panelist 2 : Reaction of the Filipino Civil Society on Political Killing -Na Hyo Woo / Asian NGO center

[Special Event: Screening Burma Movie]

Song of Eh Doh Shi

Date : From 17:00 to 19:00 , March.14th (Wed)
Venue : SungKongHoe University

A film featuring Karen tribe in Burma depicting their aspirations for human rights and peace.

Thailand / 2006 / Friends without Borders, Ma Yim Studio, Karen Group for Friendship and Human Rights

Once upon a time a border was drawn, and the Karen people were divided.

Today those West of the line live with civil war in Burma, while those on the Eastern side have become a minority in the kingdom of Thailand.

Persecution and the effects of protracted war push the Karen from Burma into Thailand. In 1984, the first Karen refugee camp was built. Now in 2006, seven camps on the Thai-Burma border are inhabited by over a hundred thousand people.

In the eyes of the law, the refugees are seen as illegal immigrants waiting to be returned, just like their brothers and sisters who?셶e gone further into the country looking for work, and even the Thai-Karen, whose ancestors planted their roots in Thailand, but still do not obtain the right to citizenship.

This is a tale the people who live in somewhere that is fenced, and in somewhere that is forgotten wish to pass on to the world.

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