Saturday, March 17, 2007

International Solidarity Message from South Korea for Anti War Protest in Malaysia.

Dear friends and comrades,
On behalf of the South Korean anti-war coalition, I would like to send greetings of peace and solidarity to the peace and anti-war movement in Malaysia.We wish you all the best in your global action against war in the occasion of remembering the fourth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.In the last 4 years, the war criminals, Bush and Blair, have massacred 650,000 Iraqi civilians and 10,000 Afghanistan civilians.
In the process, these criminals have isolated themselves politically from the world and now are in a serious crisis because of the strong resistances of Iraqis and the people of the Middle East.On the other hand, we, the international peace and anti-war movements have achieved many things.Nevertheless, our struggle and march in protest must continue.

Even at this moment, Bush and Blair are planning to expand the war by sending more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.Bush is even preparing to attack Iran. Therefore, the task of the international peace and anti-war movements has grown.Today, the international peace and anti-war movements in many parts of the world like Washington D.C., London, and cities in Latin America, the Middle East, Malaysia, and South Korea are holding global actions against war.

Today, we are coming together once again in one voice demanding the end of war and occupation.You and I know very well that the voice will echo through the world as one and continue to do so in the future.

In Peace and international solidarity,
Kim Kwang Il,
Korean Action Against Dispatch of Troops to Iraq

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