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What is #sudahlahMahathir campaign?

What is #sudahlahMahathir campaign?

Talk about Malaysia, the name of Mahathir (Dr. M) will not be forgotten. It is colorful and special characters in the history of modern Malaysia. Born in 1925, his father, an immigrant from Kerala India. In 1957, in the year of Malaysia's independence, he opened his own clinic in Alor Setar, Kedah. A year earlier (1956), married to Siti Hasmah and had 7 children, Marina, Mirzan, Melinda, Mokhzani, Mukhriz, Maizura and Mazhar. Dr. M entered politics by joining Umno since 1946. 1969 he founded clash of opinions with Tunku Abdul Rahman (First Prime Minister), who was then president of the party. Dr. M lost the election in PEMILU 1969 and then he wrote an open letter to Tunku that inflamed sentiment among the causes of racism and racial strife in May 13 tragedy that caused not a little death. He was sacked from Umno but because of the chaos happened was among the reasons eventually dropped the Tunku Abdul Rahman.

1972, Dr. M agreed to be back in Umno after Malaysia's second Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein (Najib’s father) when he offered well-paid positions as Chairman of the Board of Industry Malaysia (FIMA) that later he became a senator and later became Minister of Education. 1981, in the record of history on how Dr. M used various means to put pressure on Hussein Onn (Third Prime Minister) to finally quit for health reasons. During 22 years as Prime Minister, there was no doubt that he brought a lot of development but it should not be the reasons to dismiss out of hand the destruction of the state system, which he founded.Turn the history of the reign of Tunku Abdul Rahman until the recent era of Datuk Seri NajibTunRazak, the role of Dr. M has always captured the most important question which is what is the role and significance in dropping all these leaders?

Now, again Dr. M spoken loudly and vociferously followed by Tun Daim and accompanied by their followers who is fascinated with his criticism.

To be honest from the research so many parties, it is difficult for Najib Razak to survive for another term if fail to deal with criticism that be voiced out by Dr. M. We must not forget when the era Najib become PM, not once he threw criticism to Najib. Dr. M make noise and then silent. This repeated several times. We should wonder why.

We cannot forget that Dr. M was the one who nominated Abdullah Badawi to replace him though he had been criticized as a weak leader in his cabinet. However, Abdullah’s weaknesses might convince Dr. M that Abdullah could be his puppet. Unfortunately, once Abdullah became the Prime Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin (who is the latest Youth Leader of UMNO) married with Abdullah’s daughter and his appearance also controlled Abdullah’s actions done. After realized that Abdullah could not be his good puppet, Dr. M started to criticize his ability in leading the country as a Prime Minister which lastly forced him to resign. However in Najib Razak’s era nowadays, Dr. M is not as loud as before. He might come out with critics on Najib at one time and be silent after a while. Then, coming out loud again with more critics. This might happen because Najib has learned from what happened to Abdullah before. In Abdullah’s era, Dr. M has been neglected by the younger group which had their own special positions, leading by Khairy. They took an approach to oppose Dr. M. While Najib is different compared to Abdullah. He has given many opportunities towards Dr. M. It is included appointing Mahathir’s son as the MB of Kedah.

This keeps repeating until it goes around satisfying Dr. M only. For him, as long as Dr. M satisfies with him, then there is no corruption or abuse of power.

If Dr. M wants to talk about cronism and opportunity, then how many Malays are given the opportunity to rake billions (some say the figure reaches RM3billion) project under the Petronas like Dr. M’s son. Among of them are Mokhzani , who is very rich as he gets the project of Petronas. Without defending what happens in 1MDB , Najib finds that Dr. M also need to answer how he uses his power to produce IPP which is now looked more as a pension schemes for him and his friends. IPP is now becomes a major problem of subsidy management and energy industry in the country. During his era as a Prime Minister, Dr. M signed an agreement with his friends for Independent Power Plant (IPP) which generates electrical power supply. He required the only electrical company in Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) to buy it with a high price and the deal also required the country to keep providing fuel subsidies to the company of Dr. M’s friends .

Today, the country faces financial problems. Fuel subsidies drawn from the people but had to continue to bear the subsidy for Dr. M’s friends because of the agreement he had signed earlier. That is not included the agreement with highway concessionaires and other line of business that until now dominated by the cronies and proxies of Dr. M.

People should not forget one of the reasons Anwar was sacked as finance minister is because Anwar did not want to use state funds to bail out the son of Dr. M. After Anwar was sacked,Dr. Mhad been appointed as Finance Minister and the first actions he took as Minister of Finance was to bail his son out. His son Mokhzani, a trader who failed now has billions in wealth and luxury cars, the Bugatti Veyron are rated RM10m and collection of luxury cars worth RM36m had been disclosed yet. That is not to mention his other son. Dr. M then approved the billions  project of health privatization and one of the people that enjoyed it was his son. Mukhriz who is now the state minister of Kedah had enjoyed the luxury of statefiber optic cable supply contracts.

Dr. M talk about corruption and the loss of state funds? Wine Bary, an editor of Wall Steert Journal magazine that is now used by Dr. M as a reference, wrote in his book, Malaysian Maverick stated since 1981 - 2003 at least USD40b had been dissipated by Dr. M.

Believe that now Dr. M also will be silent if Najib give RM3b to him who is now the head of Proton. The question is, why the country have to continue with this sickness because of the Dr. M’s project failed that entangle the country? Proton is Company (GLC) that own by the country anymore, Proton is now owned by one of the Dr. M’s proxies. Daim will be silent if his bank in Tanzania purchased by the Government of Malaysia with the price set by him. All of these colonies will be silent if all their requirements are met.

In our history Dr. M is the one who has ruinedmany aspects of the country. Do not forget howhe started a firestorm by making amendments to the constitution several times, he raped thejudicial system in meeting his political desires, hewho started the tradition of many confusions in the country. He used the palace when necessaryand condemned them when it clashed with hisinterests. He pawned the Malay but at the same time he is the one who use Malay’s name whenconfronting political opponents even though he himself is not Malay because obviously his fatheris an immigrant from Kerala, India.

Without denying his contribution to the country, hewas also burdened with many causes of destruction in the country. Now, he wants to said“I’m holier than you”. Mahathir's not worth it!

The era of Dr. M was famous with manyMalaysian children who has great potential to be slain when they collide with his desires. Just to mention a few names such as Tan Sri Ani Arope(former Chairman of TNB) were knocked out ofposition only because he defended the people's significance and clearly rejected the IPP that has now become the main problem of the country. TunSalleh Abas, one of the judges who have highvalue of integrity was sacked just because of Dr. M political passions. There were more scholarswho succeed to create their name internationallybut left the country just because of they could not agree with his interest. If it can be counted from the highest positions to the lowest, the number would certainly be thousands. This is a great lost.

Mahathir’s era was the starting point for the disgusting politics including personal attacks on the rivals. Anwar Ibrahim understands this because he was the victim of the most brutal political bullying in the nation's history brought by Dr. M. Dr. M do not has the right to talk about democracy when history records the elections in 1987. It was when he was opposed by Tunku Razali for presidency and suddenly the lights when out during vote count. He fooled the people with the voting and then Umno was banned by the court before he re-establishes Umno Baru.

The opposition especially Pakatan Rakyat may now enjoy using the Dr. M’s issue to attack Najib. Many of them think that they have succeeded to use Dr. M to overthrow Najib. However, they do not realize the fact that Dr. M is riding on them to complete his lust of greedy at the end of the age. This is absolutely Dr. M’s political skill as he will use anything, including enemies. He used PAS when Tunku Abdul Rahman sacked him from Umno. He proudly used the stage to attack Tunku but it is only temporary. After he completed his ambitions, PAS was hacked back. When he attacked and killed in Memali, (not forgetting ISA and the murder in Lubuk Merbau) did Dr. M remember he ever used PAS stage? It's hard to understand how a group who called Dr. M as Mahafiraun (title when the 1998 Reformation after Anwar was fired) is the same characters who now establish Dr. M as the holiest.

Remember that we used to assault Abdullah with Dr. M which resulted in his elimination but after Abdullah is dismissed, a youth movement (SAMM) appeared to generate reports on all the corruption and power abuse of Abdullah, his son-in-law, and family like Dr. M claimed but no action was taken and Dr. M shows no interest in supporting them (SAMM) because Dr. M’s intention was neither to save people’s right nor to clear corruption but to topple Abdullah who failed to be his puppet. Instead, Dr. M rose up Najib as the next Prime Minister even though there were a lot of protest upon Najib’s appointment, but Dr. M assumed that problematic Najib would easily be his puppet perfectly.

What was sure, after the fall of Abdullah and exchanged with another person according to the dictation of Dr. M, UMNO (refer as particular group who supports Mahathir, especially Daim) remained strong and the opposition continued to be squeezed. Why a total change is could not be achieved? It is because the image of change was led by Dr. M and his supporters while the opposition just followed from behind. If once again we are trapped and be in his control this time around, the coalition of opposition parties are only eligible once again as a strong opposition. The opposition has to face Najib in the next election, to expose his depravity and can put proposals for continuous improvement… but be careful not to be in the control of Dr. M and forgetting his sins towards this country.  

Please believe, domestic problems will not be solved as long as Dr. M still treated as a special character in this country.

I am talking about the survival of our country. This is the most convenient time for all parties to be united especially the political victims of Dr. M to put his greed to stop.

Inevitably, there will be some who say that it was his past sins and we were not facing hard times during his era as hard as today. The answer is not only about his past but the latest claim by Dr. M and his supporters is not fulfilled disregarding the fact that today’s predicament is a result of his extravagance, greed and corrupt legacy. Our country’s resource were almost finished because they were brought out excessively during his era. Upon the end of his ruling era, there were huge amount of our country’s bond sold to foreign parties which we are bearing till now.

Does this campaign defending Najib? Dr. M attacked Abdullah. Yes, Abdullah was wrong and we supported Dr. M. After Abdullah fell, have our country’s and our problems solved? Was there any impeachment against Abdullah, Khairy (the antagonist at that time) and his family upon 1001 allegations and evidence which were brought up by Dr. M himself? The answer is not yet definitive but what is sure is Dr. M and his supporters continue to consolidate power. They only want to protect their power so as not to lose to the people’s hands because if they had lost, not only Abdullah or Najib but Dr. M and his supporters will inhibit the prison.

The attack on Dr. M is not to defend Najib. Let Najib faces legal action, let Najib faces the people in the next PRU. He will not miss to have to explain where the RM42B people’s money. He will not miss to explain the extravagance of his family.

Dr. M was clever from the beginning of his political career by using all the opportunities for his personal gain, #sudahlahMahathir campaign is to awaken the people that the one who need to be silenced first is Dr. M himself.

Malaysia should be aware of the need to change which is not just the individual or who our Prime Minister is because the same problem will still happen. The one that should be changed is the system that is broken. Malaysia should have a Chief Election Commission, the Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Attorney General, the Chief Justice selected through a process involving civil society and placed under the authority of the Parliament which is not only nominated by the Prime Minister. If the appointment of all institutions is directly controlled by the Prime Minister or whoever the Prime Minister is, he has the potential to repeat the same greediness.

SAMM suggest that we need to be high-minded and put the priority of the country on top of the list.

If we agree with the disclosure of the Wall Street Journal, then it is said that the money is for the election funds which helps Umno-BN to face election. So, RM2.6b is a very large amount when it is divided by 222 regions. Umno-BN has committed an offense in the act of the electoral Malaysia like excessive money spending and illegal sources.

So, the issue is not Najib, but the election victory of Muhyiddin, Zahid, Shafie even all the election candidates from BN is the illegal victory. We are now in the crisis supremacy of law that is very serious.

To confront this, Government should be dissolved and taken over by a 'caretaker govt.' Consists of all political parties for a period of maximum 18 months. The 'caretaker govt' should confront financial crisis and leadership crisis. There should be a strengthening of the overhaul law to change the system that is broken and easily manipulated, other than preparing our country to have free and fair election.

We need to understand that short-minded and corrupted politicians will not definitely move toward this complete solution. They are definitely more comfortable collaborate with anyone just because of the power. This is the time for civil society to act. There should be a great movement to urge this agenda and not just assemble to remove certain individuals. Malaysia is on the verge of collapse, we do not have much time.

I appeal to all to understand this.

Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia

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