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Who Was Che Guevara?

You've probably seen his face on t-shirts, hats, or some other piece of merchandise, but what do you really know about Che Guevara? What did he accomplish that made him the hero of oppressed people all around the world?

The Russian revolutionary Vladamir Lenin once pointed out the tendency of the ruling class to “co-opt” revolutionaries after their deaths, turning them into mere “logos” which they attempt to render meaningless by separating the individual from what it is they stood for. It is in an effort to combat this that we offer this article.

Of course, it is not within the scope of this article to completely detail the life of Che Guevara– that has already been attempted to varying degrees of success in numerous Che Guevara biographies – rather, we hope to to provide a general outline to those unfamiliar with the man, Che Guevara, in hopes that it will lead them to dig deeper into the story of his life, his theories, and most importantly what he fought for: the liberation of humankind.

Early Years
Ernesto Guevara (the 'Che' part wouldn't come until much later) was born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1928. His mother and father could be described as middle-class, with liberal inclinations.

Even as a young boy, Guevara was known for his often radical perspective, but they wouldn't develop fully until later in life.

He suffered from crippling asthma from birth, so much so that his family had to relocate because of it, but it didn't stop him from becoming an excellent athlete. Rugby was one of the sports that he enjoyed most. His aggressive style of play earned him the nickname 'Fuser'.

In 1948, he enrolled in the University of Buenos Aires to study medicine. He was an excellent student who excelled at his studies.

The Journey Begins
In 1951, on the suggestion of his older friend, Alberto Granado, a biochemist, he decided to take a year off from school to embark on trip across South America that they had dreamed of taking for years. Guevara and his 29-year-old friend set off from their hometown of Alta Gracia on a 1939 Norton 500 cc motorcycle they called La Poderosa II (literally, “the mighty one”). As a part of their trip, they planned to spend a few weeks volunteering at the San Pablo leper colony in Peru. Guevara documented the trip in The Motorcycle Diaries, which was translated into English in 1996, and turned into a motion picture of the same name in 2004.

During the trip, Ernesto witnessed first hand many things that he hadn't had much experience with before, such as the widespread poverty and oppression faced by the masses of people throughout the Latin America (and the world) under capitalism. It was through this, as well as studies of the writings of revolutionaries like Karl Marx, that he began to understand that the only remedy to these ills lay in socialist revolution.

Through his trip he also began to see Latin America not as a grouping of separate nations divided by invisible, often imposed borders, but rather as a single cultural and economic entity. It was from this foundation that he began to formulate his concept of a united Ibero-America, united “from Mexico to the Magellan straits”, and bound together by a “single mestizo” culture.

Upon his return to Argentina, Guevara was anxious to continuing traveling throughout Latin America, and so he completed his medical studies as quickly as possible, finishing in March of 1953.

Imperialism in Guatemala
Following his graduation, Guevara again set out on the road, this time planning to travel through Central America. After much traveling, he finally ended up in Guatemala, where the popular reformist Jacobo Arbenz Guzman had been elected president. Arbenz was attempting to bring about a social change through various reforms – particularly land reform.

It was at this time that Guevara acquired the nickname that would follow him for the rest of his life. Friends in Guatemala began to refer to him as “Che” (pronounced “chay”), after an interjection (often used to get attention, such as “hey” or “wow”, but also used like “friend” or “pal”) commonly used by Argentinians such as himself.

At the time, 2% of the population of Guatemala controlled 74% of the land suitable to farming, and only used 12% of it. Arbenz planned to redistribute some of the unused land to the poor farmers of the country who made up the majority of its population, a plan that they greatly supported.

The U.S.-based United Fruit Company (UFC), the largest landowner in Guatemala, fully opposed the plan, even though it was paid $600,000 (based on land values it declared for tax purposes) for unused land that was seized as the plan began to be implemented.

The UFC had close ties with the U.S. government, and lobbied the CIA and the Eisenhower administration to take action. In 1954, the administration commissioned the CIA to overthrow democratically elected president Arbenz in a plan called Operation PBSUCCESS. The plan was a success and Arbenz was forced to flee the country on June 27th.

Following the overthrow, Che offered to fight, but Arbenz instructed his foreign supporters to leave the country. After spending some time in the Argentine consulate, Che headed to Mexico.

Witnessing the events that took place in Guatemala enabled Che to understand more than ever that the U.S. was an imperialist power that would always oppose any movements that attempted to solve problems like inequality and poverty that are endemic to Latin America and the rest of the third world. His understanding of socialism as the only answer to these problems grew even stronger.

Incidentally, the U.S. sponsored military dictatorship that replaced Arbenz turned out to be one of the most brutal regimes in world history.

The Cuban Revolution
It was in Mexico City that Che would meet brothers Raul and Fidel Castro. The two were in exile from Cuba after being freed – by popular demand – from a Cuban prison to which they were sentenced after leading a failed attack on a military garrison as a part of a larger plan to overthrow U.S. sponsored dictator Fulgencio Batista. The Castro brothers and others Cubans were planning to return to Cuba as a guerrilla force named the “26th of July Movement” (after the date of the original attack on the garrison). Che immediately hit it off with Fidel and agreed to join the expedition as a medic on the first night.

After a period of training, and even imprisonment by the Mexican authorities, Fidel, Che, and 80 others departed from Tuxpan, Veracruz, aboard the cabin cruiser Granma in November 1956. Che was the only non-Cuban on board.

Bad weather, and other problems, delayed their arrival by two days, and so an armed uprising in Santiago, which was aimed at drawing away the attention of Batista's troops, ended up only serving to put them on alert. They finally landed, 30 miles away from the point where weapons and reinforcements awaited them.

Almost immediately after pulling themselves ashore they were ambushed by the dictator's army. All but a handful of the guerrillas were killed. It was during this battle that Che made a crucial decision when, while retreating, he chose to pick up a box of ammunition instead of his medical bag. He later described the situation, “Perhaps this was the first time I was confronted with the real-life dilemma of having to choose between my devotion to medicine and my duty as a revolutionary soldier. Lying at my feet were a knapsack full of medicine and a box of ammunition. They were too heavy for me to carry both of them. I grabbed the box of ammunition, leaving the medicine behind.”

Fidel, Raul, and Che were among the survivors who then made their way undetected into the rugged Sierra Maestra mountains. From here they built a strong support base amongst the region's poor farmers which would soon spread to working people across the country. The numbers of the Rebel Army grew as they continued to carry out successful attacks.

Throughout the revolution, Che continually exhibited great courage, combat and leadership skills, self-discipline, and boldness. He soon rose to the highest rank in the Rebel Army, Comandante (Major). In Late 1958, he lead his column through a long and arduous march to the city of Santa Clara, where they would soon take over after derailing an armored train filled with Batista's henchmen. This proved to be the final straw and the dictator was forced to flee the country. Guevara later recorded his memories of the two year struggle in a series of articles that would later be published as a book entitled Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary Government
On January 1st, 1959, the 26th of July Movement called for a general strike – to serve as a final blow – which lead to the victory of the revolution. For his part in the fighting Che was declared a “Cuban citizen by birth” and was appointed Commander of the La Cabaña Fortress prison. Soon after he divorced his Peruvian wife, Hilda Gadea, the mother of his first child whom he married while in Guatemala. Later he would marry Aleida March, another fighter in the Rebel Army, with whom he would have 4 children.

During his six months at the prison, Che oversaw people's courts in which the Cuban people dished out revolutionary justice to brutal killers, rapists, and other war criminals that served Batista during the war.

Later, Che would become an official of INRA (the National Institute of Agrarian Reform), that carried out one of the most extensive land reforms ever seen. Large plantations were seized from big (often foreign owned) businesses and given to the poor farmers that actually worked them. An Urban Reform was also carried out in which all rents were lowered so that no renter would have to spend more than 10% of their income on housing, and, after a few years, would receive ownership of it. The mansions of the rich were turned over to the servants that worked in them and the government bought up homes which weren't being used (usually because the owners had several homes) and redistributed them to people in need of housing. U.S. owned casinos and houses of prostitution (so many in fact that Cuba was referred to as 'the whore house of the Caribbean) were closed.

Che would go on to become President of the National Bank of Cuba and Minister of Industries, positions from which he headed the major challenge of transforming Cuba's backwards, colonial, capitalist plantation economy into a socialist industrial economy. The U.S. government, angry that the socialist revolution had taken up the cause of the people over the interests of foreign-owned business, drastically cut back the amount of sugar that they purchased from Cuba (eventually imposing a full economic embargo, which stands to this day, even though it has been repeatedly condemned by all but 2 nations and deemed illegal by the United Nations), in an attempt to damage the Cuban economy. They also sabotaged buildings, farms, and factories, flew planes over the island dropping bombs, and attempted to assassinate Cuban leaders. Cuba however, would not be intimidated. Che negotiated a trade agreement with the Soviet Union in 1960 in which they agreed to buy all Cuban sugar at a price above the going rate. He also represented Cuba on many trade missions to nations – socialist or otherwise – in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Che played a major part in the reorganization of the Cuban economy along a socialist path, which enabled the country to eliminate homelessness, illiteracy, and unemployment in only a few years. He became well known as a hero of many for his fiery attacks on the United States imperialists' foreign policy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

It was during this time that Che made many important theoretical contributions in his speeches, articles, letters, and essays. His book Guerrilla Warfare became highly influential, and was used as a guide by guerrilla movements throughout Latin America (unfortunately, many of the fighters, though very courageous, oversimplified the theories put forth in the book, eventually leading to their defeat). Groups like the FARC-EP, waging a decades long revolutionary struggle in Colombia, utilize many methods laid out in the book to this day. El socialismo y el hombre en Cuba (Man and Socialism in Cuba), put forth many of Che, and Cuba's, greatest contributions. In it Che pointed out that liberation of humankind could only come about after the people first evolved into 'new people', concerned with the welfare of everyone as a whole over the welfare of themselves as individuals. This 'evolution' could only occur when the material conditions for it existed, namely, under socialism. Later, when the continuing world revolution, and the economic crises inherent to capitalism destabilized it, the need for the socialist state would disappear and full liberation would finally exist in a society of equals without states or governments.

Che portrayed this 'new man' in his daily life. He spent his weekends and evenings volunteering in shipyards and textile factories or cutting sugarcane. He was known for his simple lifestyle, an example of which was when he refused a pay raise when he became a member of government, choosing instead to continue receiving the much lower salary he drew as a Comandante in the Rebel Army. In another famous example, when Che was served food on expensive china while dining with high-ranking officials from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during a trip to Russia, he asked the officials, “Is this how the working class lives in Russia?”

An attempted U.S. invasion, commonly known as 'the Bay of Pigs', and which was defeated in less than 72 hours, took place during Che's time in the revolutionary government. The event lead Cuba to acquire nuclear missiles from the USSR in its own defense, which resulted in the “Cuban missile crisis” in 1962.

The Disappearance
After returning from a three-month tour of the People's Republic of China, United Arab Republic, Algeria, Ghana, Mali, Dahomey, Congo-Brazzaville, and Tanzania in March of 1965, Che dropped out of public life and was not seen for some time.

Che's whereabouts were the main question in Cuba throughout the year, and many rumors began to spread – including one started by enemies of the revolution that Che and Fidel had some sort of a split. This of course was not true at all, as would be proven later.

In an interview with foreign correspondents on November 1st, Castro said that he knew where Guevara was but could not disclose the location. He said that Che was “in the best of health”. Speculation however continued at the end of the year, and Che's movements would have to be kept secret for the next two years.

During this time, an article written by Che was published in Tricontinental Magazine in which he called for complete support of the heroic Vietnamese people who were fighting against U.S. imperialist invaders, and urged comrades around the world to create “one, two, many Vietnams”

In The Congo
In March of 1965 the decision was made that Che would lead a rebel force in support of the Marxist Simba movement in the former Belgian Congo (later Zaire and currently the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in Africa.

Guevara worked with guerrilla leader Laurent-Desire Kabila, who had earlier helped supporters of the murdered prime minister Patrice Lumumba lead a revolt that was suppressed by the Congolese army and a large group of white mercenaries.

CIA advisors working with the Congolese army monitored Guevara's communications, arranged ambushes against the rebels and the Cubans, and interrupted their supply lines. Che had planned to teach the local Simba fighters communist ideology and the strategies and tactics of guerrilla warfare; but, due to their incompetence, superstition, and internal feuds, he was unable to, and the revolt eventually failed. After seven months, Che, who was ill and suffering from debilitating bouts of asthma, finally left the Congo with the surviving members of his Cuban column (six had died in battle). Originally, Che refused to give up and planned to send the wounded back to Cuba and then stand alone, fighting to the end as a revolutionary example; but after much debating with his comrades in arms, and Fidel, he was finally persuaded to return. Guevara documented his experiences in his Congo Diaries (later published as The African Dream).

During his time in the Congo, Fidel had made public a farewell letter written to him in which Che officially severed his ties with Cuba in order to devote himself to revolutionary activities in other parts of the world. "I feel that I have fulfilled the part of my duty that tied me to the Cuban revolution in its territory," the letter says, "And I say goodbye to you, the comrades, your people, who are already mine ... Other nations of the world call for my modest efforts. I can do that which is denied you because of your responsibility as the head of Cuba, and the time has come for us to part."

After spending six months living underground in Dar-es-Salaam, Prague, and the GDR, Che returned to Cuba, but only on a temporary basis for the few months needed to prepare another revolutionary effort, this time in Latin America.

Throughout 1966 and 1967 people continued to wonder where exactly Che was. Finally, in a speech at the 1967 May Day rally in Havana, Major Juan Almeida announced that Guevara was “serving the revolution somewhere in Latin America.” It would turn out that Che was leading a guerrilla army in Bolivia.

Che chose Bolivia after a 1964 coup triggered an outbreak in demonstrations, protests, strike by miners, and repression against leaders of leftist and other popular movements. When he and his comrades analyzed the situation, they saw that there was an opening for a guerrilla column made up of Bolivians, some Peruvians, and a group of well trained Cubans, to launch a revolutionary offensive. The plan was to create an international rebel army, that, after achieving victory in Bolivia, would spread the struggle to the rest of Latin America.

A piece of land was purchased in the jungles of the Nancahuazu by the Bolivian Communist party and turned over to Che for use as a training area. The Party originally pledged its full support and participation of its membership, but its leader, Mario Monjae, later decided against it after the struggle had already begun.

The rebel army, named the Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional de Bolivia (National Liberation Army of Bolivia), was made up of about 50 well equipped guerrillas. They were able to launch a number of successful attacks against the Bolivian army in the mountainous Camiri region, despite the fact that it was being trained in jungle warfare and aided by U.S. Army Special Forces.

But problems, such as the refusal of the Communist Party of Bolivia to deliver expected assistance, materials, and reinforcements (the Party leadership went as far as to refuse to tell would-be volunteers how and where to join the guerrillas), eventually lead to some defeats. In September the Bolivian Army managed to eliminate two small groups of guerrillas.

Additionally, with full CIA backing, counter-revolutionary Cuban exiles set up interrogation houses in which they tortured 300,000 Bolivians in search of supporters of Che and the guerrillas.

Capture and Assassination
To make matters worse a deserter betrayed the guerrillas and lead Bolivian Special Forces directly to them. On October 8th, their encampment was encircled and a shoot out took place. Che refused to surrender and was captured only after being shot in both knees and having his gun destroyed by a bullet.

Che was taken to a old schoolhouse where he was held overnight. On the next afternoon he was murdered by a sergeant in the Bolivian army while he was tied by his hands to a board. Before he was executed, Che said these last words: “I know you are here to kill me. Shoot coward! You are only going to kill a man.”

After a military doctor cut off Che's hands, Bolivian army officers moved his body to an undisclosed location and refused to reveal if his remains had been buried or cremated.

CIA agent Felix Rodriguez, who also took part in the failed invasions of Cuba and Vietnam, took Che's watch and still displays it to this day.

On October 15 Fidel Castro gave an emotional speech in which informed the world of Che's death and proclaimed three days of public mourning in Cuba. The death was considered a severe blow to the revolutionary movement and deeply saddened oppressed people around the world.

The diary Che kept in Bolivia was removed when he was captured. In it, he documented the events of the guerrilla campaign. He wrote of how the guerrillas were forced to begin operation much earlier than they had planned due to discovery by the Bolivian Army. He also recorded the rift between the Bolivian Communist Party and himself, which resulted in the rebel army having far fewer soldiers than was originally expected. Che also wrote of his increasing illness towards the end of the campaign. His asthma was getting worse, and most of his last offensives were made simply in an attempt to obtain medicine which he should have been able to acquire through the Bolivian Communist Party.

In 1997, Che's skeletal remains were exhumed from beneath an air strip near Vallegrande, Bolivia, positively identified by DNA matching, and returned to Cuba. On October 17, 1997, his remains were laid to rest with full military honors in a specially built mausoleum, the Plaza Comandante Ernesto Guevara, in the city of Santa Clara, where he won the decisive battle of the Cuban Revolution thirty-nine years earlier.

Legacy of a Revolutionary Hero
When Che's murder was announced protests broke out throughout the world, and articles, books, poems and songs were written about his life, death, and message. Che is especially revered because of his spirit of self-sacrifice, illustrated by his choice to reject a comfortable life and instead join, and take up the cause of the worlds poor, oppressed majority. He never gave up that cause, continuing to give his all to the revolutionary struggle until his death.

The famous photo taken of Che by photographer Alberto Korda in 1960, which became one of the 20th centuries most recognizable images, has become a symbol of liberation – through socialist revolution – for millions of people.

French philosopher Jean-Paul Sarte called Che “the most complete human being of our age,” and he was correct in doing so. Ernesto “Che” Guevara was one of the most important, and most dedicated revolutionaries we have ever known. But his struggle is far from over. The oppressed masses of the world must continue to fight for freedom, justice, and equality through socialist revolution – the only way it can be achieved – as Che said, “Hasta la victoria, siempre!” [Always, until the victory!]

The article originally appeared in the Autumn 2005 issue of Rebel Yell!. The original article, with links and pictures, is available at

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URGENT ACTION - global e -petition Burma situation

Dear friends,

The Burmese protests are widening, the international response is building--and the Burmese generals are panicking. Today, the Burmese junta banned gatherings of more than 5, and sent thousands of troops to take control of the streets -- but still the monks and protesters march. Desperate officers have beaten, tear-gassed and fired on their own people, reportedly shooting five monks in Rangoon.

The next 36 hours are crucial. Leaders have called for an emergency session of the UN Security Council-- but only a decisive initiative will prevent a massacre like the one from 1988. Already, 75,000 people from 192 countries have signed our emergency global petition. Please forward this email to others who haven't yet signed--they can click below to add their name, and we'll send an updated petition to the Chinese government and the UN Security Council members every day:

http://www.avaaz. org/en/stand_ with_burma/ h.php/?cl= 20636099

We're calling for UN powers--above all China, which holds the economic strings of the Burmese regime--to apply decisive pressure now to stop the violence, and to broker a peaceful transition. If they fail to do this, the massacres will be sudden.

The protesters have declared they will not back down. The Burmese have showed their courage.
The scenes fill our television screens--now the world must act.

update news about Burma pls click :

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Krisis Kehakiman perlu rujuk perlembagaan !

Perkara ini perkara serius dan amat memalukan tatkala negara diambang krisis ia tidak boleh hanya ditangani dengan mengharapkan sebuah panel yang ditubuhkan oleh kabinet untuk menjalankan siasatan yang sempurna dan bebas, katanya.

"Jika Perdana Menteri atau kabinet Malaysia punya maruah seharusnya mereka bertindak lebih berani dengan mengadap Yang Dipertuan Agong untuk memperkenankan penubuhan satu suruhanjaya bebas atau tribunal khas seperti yang diperuntukan oleh perlembagaan,"katanya.

baca lanjut 1 klik

Sementara itu dalam satu surat terbuka kepada Yang Dipertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin dan Majlis Raja-raja Melayu, Ahli majlis Tertinggi KeADILan, Badrul Hisham Shaharin berkata, pendedahan tersebut beserta bukti rakaman perbualan, jelas menunjukkan bagaimana campur tangan dan gangguan dalam institusi kehakiman.

Melalui perbualan itu peguam tersebut melakukan usaha termasuk campur tangan beberapa pihak lagi seperti tokoh korporat Vincent Tan dan Tengku Adnan (menteri Pelancongan ketika itu) memastikan Fairuz dilantik sebagai Presiden Mahkamah Rayuan.

"Negara kini berada dalam krisis integriti yang cukup hebat kini. Seluruh dunia kini sedang melihat Malaysia, bagaimana kita selaku bangsa yang bermaruah menangani permasalahan ini,"katanya.

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Tahniah ! BAR Council Malaysia

che'GuBard angkat topi kepada Majlis Peguam Malaysia yang berjaya melepasi halangan Polis dengan 2000 orang berarak menghantar Memorandum mendesak Suruhanjaya Di Raja menangani Krisis Kehakiman yang melanda.
Walaupun terpaksa berjalan kaki sejauh 5 km kerana bas mereka dihalang memasuki Putrajaya namun barisan peguam Malaysia terus melangkah dengan berani dan bersemangat. Ini tunjuk perasaan peguam terbesar semenjak merdeka........ia amaran jelas buat penguasa, rakyat memerlukan tindakan konkrit bukan hanya tindakan retorik sambil lewa untuk mengalihkan isu.
Tahniah !!!

Abah pula operate pagi ini....

Antara yang paling gembira atas kehadiran che'Nur Zaima Jahida ke dunia ini ialah abah (bapa mertua). Beliaulah yang beria ia sangat nak buat kenduri aqiqah genap tujuh hari, Sabtu ini.

Beliau yang porpular dengan panggilan Pak Lang dikalangan aktivis reformasi, namun sejak awal tahun ini hanya banyak menghabiskan masa di rumah, setelah Doktor mengesahkan penyakit barahnya.

Barah yang bermula di prostat kemungkinan lewat dikesan oleh HUKM kini telah merebak ke tulang. Pengesahan tersebut dibuat oleh pakar di HKL, dengan mengatakan ia berada di peringkat akhir.

Namun usaha tidak dihentikan ....percayalah Allah maha kuasa.....

Pagi ini beliau memasuki dewan bedah untuk satu major operation...... tidak ada apa yang dapat dilakukan dari kejauhan ini... doa dan harap.... semalam sempat menghantar sms harap dia sempat membacanya...

Kenapala jauh sangat Korea ini...? Kenapalah aku beli tiket awal sangat untuk tarikh 12 Oktober..? (tiket murah pula tak boleh tukar tarikh.....) Kalaulah boleh terbang sekarang....... arghhh!!!! erm.... sabar ... sabar... ujian ramadhan ... Moga semuanya selamat ...! Semalam Era telefon..dengar che'Nur Zaima Jahida menangis wah kuat betul !!... pagi ini Doktor akan periksa dia..sebab pusat dia still tak kering, badan panas sejak smalam dan mata yang kuning !.......

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Semalam, Timbalan Perdana Menteri telah mengumumkan bahawa satu Jawatankuasa Bebas ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat pendedahan mengenai kepincangan korupsi dalam badan kehakiman negara.

Adalah dengan ini seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan keadilan harus menolak penubuhan Jawatankuasa bebas itu. Penubuhan jawatankuasa ini hanya membazirkan wang rakyat (membayar elaun anggota jawatankuasa tersebut dan perbelanjaan sampingan berkaitan) dan cubaan kerajaan cuba menyejukkan kegelisahan dan kemarahan rakyat. Ia hanya cubaan mengalihkan isu tanpa mengambil tanggungjawab jelas.

Perkara ini perkara serius dan amat memalukan negara. Negara diambang krisis ia tidak boleh hanya ditangani dengan mengharapkan sebuah panel yang ditubuhkan oleh kabinet untuk menjalankan siasatan yang sempurna dan bebas berhubung klip video yang mengaitkan Tun Ahmad Fairuz. Penubuhan sebuah panel bebas tidak mencukup kerana ia tidak mempunyai kuasa perundangan untuk menjalankan siasatan secara berkesan.

Ketika di ambang krisis kita harus rujuk semula kepada perlembagaan yang kita junjung selama ini.
Jika Perdana Menteri atau kabinat Malaysia punya maruah seharusnya mereka bertindak lebih berani dengan mengadap DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong untuk memperkenankan penubuhan satu suruhanjaya bebas atau tribunal khas seperti yang diperuntukan oleh perlembagaan.

Contohnya Suruhanjaya diraja yang dilantik oleh Yang Di-Pertuan Agong di bawah Akta Suruhanjaya Siasatan 1950 mempunyai kuasa untuk memanggil saksi, mewajibkan kehadiran dan menyediakan imuniti kepada para saksi bagi memastikan keberkesanan siasatan yang dijalan.

Untuk kes seperti kontroversi pendedahan klip video perempuan China kononya dipaksa berbogel dan ketuk ketampi dalam lokap kerajaan begitu serius sehingga mewujudkan Suruhanjaya Diraja. Malah kabinet bertindak pantas dan segera tanpa berfikir panjang terus menghantar seorang Menteri untuk merayu kemaafan kerajaan China. Setelah suruhanjaya dibentuk maka siasatan bebas dijalankan sehingga mendedahkan bahawa tahanan tersebut ialah warga negara Malaysia. (Malangnya sehingga kini kerajaan tidak meminta maaf kepada warga negara Malaysia atas kejadian tersebut).

Kenapa ketika mahu memecat Tun Salleh dahulu boleh menubuhkan Tribunal tetapi apabila kini berlaku 'tragedi' lebih serius kita takut menubuhkan tribunal.

Sekali lagi rakyat diajak menolak penubuhan suruhanjaya bebas. Rakyat mendesak kerajaan menangani krisis ini berdasarkan perlembagaan yang dijunjung selama ini.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Selamat lahir ... che' Nur Zaima Jahida

Setiap bulan berada di Korea Selatan ini cheGuBard menerima elaun bulanan dari The May 18 Memorial Foundation sebanyak 700,000 Korean won, dari jumlah tersebut 200,000 Korean won perlu ditolak untuk membayar sewa pangsapuri. (biasiswa yang diperolehi kecil bagi organisasi besar di Korea tapi agak besar jika dibandingkan dengan apa yang pelajar Malaysia di sini perolehi)

Jumaat lepas elaun bulan ini masuk sebanyak 700,000 won. Aku terus melangkah ke Lotte World Tuor sebuah agensi perlancongan yang besar di Korea Selatan ini. Terus ke ibu pejabatnya berhampiran stesen City Hall, Seoul kerana nak pastikan betul betul tidak ada alasan yang nak menafikan kepulangan ke Malaysia pertengahan Oktober ini.

Tiket paling murah pulang 15 hari di Malaysia berharga 600,000 Korean won. Duduk fikir dalam 1 minit terus buat keputusan nekad. Tangguh bayar sewa rumah, biarlah tuan rumah bising sikit pasal tunggakan nekad untuk pulang, bulan depan ikat perut dan tak payah beli apa2 buku kongsi dengan kawan kalau perlu rujukan.

Nekad beli terus tiket pulang ke Malaysia 13 Okt dan pulang ke Korea Selatan semula 27 Okt. Pulang berhari raya hanya kebetulan tetapi pulang untuk menyambut anak sulung itu yang dirancang.

'Due date' ialah hujung Okt atau awal Nov, tetapi memang sudah dijangkakan oleh Doktor akan awal kerana beberapa alasan. Makanya tarikh pulang di set sedemikian rupa.

Tarikh ini agak dirahsiakan kerana kononya nak bagi 'suprise'.... Sehingga Sabtu malam Ahad tempoh hari chat dengan Era. Dia tanya pulang atau tidak jawapanya akan cuba tapi tak pasti. Era telefon jam 12.00 tengahamalam (waktu Korea Selatan) ucap selamat ulang tahun, semasa telefon dia beritahu keadaan fizikal dia amat tidak selesa dan sakit - sakit. Aku cuma boleh cakap bersabar dan cuba rehat. Ingat Allah selalu...
Sesungguhnya aku amat risau malam itu lebih lebih lagi menginatkan siangnya aku bermimpi aneh pasal baby... (menjadi amalan bulan puasa ini..Isya lewat kerana malam kurang tidur baca buku dan sebagainya kerana siang banyak tidur hehehehe)...selepas solat Isya jam 2 pagi tak boleh nak concentrate buat apa pun. Nurkholis (Pesuruhjaya KOMNAS HAM RI) teman serumah sibuk masak 'pan cake' katanya untuk rai hari ulangtahun che'GuBard. Buat carian dalam internet jumpa Doa' amalan untuk bapa ketika isteri hendak bersalin. Doa untuk isteri mudah, cepat dan selamat bersalin..... aku cuba hafal doa tersebut...lepas sahur cuba lagi baca.... lepas subuh cuba baca sehingga terlelap...

Pagi dalam pukul 9.00 pagi ...terkejut dengan bunyi telefon...Era telefon... Dia cuma cakap perut sakit sangat...... dalam keadaan pisat-pisat (sindrom terkejut tidur..)..che'GuBard cuba tenangkan Era (walaupun sendiri panik)....Era disuruh turun ke bawah bagi tahu emak... 10.00 pagi Era call bagitahu dia dalam perjalanan ke hospital nak jumpa Doktor sebab sakit tak kurang....

10.55 pagi dapat sms dari adik ipar, Zakiah beritahu Kak Era mungkin akan bersalin hari ini atau esok.... Haaaa... peluh sejuk satu badan... Masa itu Nurkholis sudah siap untuk ke Airport untuk pulang ke Indonesia untuk rapat bulanan KOMNAS HAM RI.. aku panik sehingga aku cuma kata ok salam pada keluarga..aku tak cakap pun pasal isteri aku pada dia... terus mandi dan bersiap.. perlu keluar untuk dapatkan top up telefon, kad panggilan antarabangsa dan komputer dengan line internet....
Hari tersebut pula, hari cuti umum sempena chusoek di Korea Selatan. Kedai semua tutup...aku berlari laju gak hari tu dari satu blok ke satu blok.. semua kedai tutup... akhirnya tak dapat top up telefon dan kad panggilan antarabangsa. Aku terus ke cybercafe berhampiran Yeokgok Station.
11.30 pagi Kiah sms..Kak Era mungkin akan bersalin hari ini, jangan risau Kiah ada dengan Kak Era. Aku cuba sms along, Mak inCik dan beberapa kawan rapat. Sambill terus menghantar beberapa sms ke telefon Era yang dipegang oleh Kiah.
12.50 tgh....Kiah sms Kak Era selamat bersalin 'normal' Baby Girl ...semua ok dan selamat... Huh aku menitiskan air mata kerana ujian 3 jam lebih itu... rasanya kalau nak digambarkan seperti terselamat dari kejadian ngeri...Alhamdunillah semuanya selamat..... terima kasih kepada keluarga teman yang banyak membantu dan berdoa....

dan selamat datang che'Nur Zaima Jahida ke dunia ini... doa' hendaknya kau penyambung cita -cita che'GuBard dan menjadi Puteri Revolusi ulung bangsa !........

Petang itu akhirnya baru perasan yang tarikh kelahirannya sama dengan ulang tahun cheGuBard... Alhamdunillah syukur hadiah ulangtahun yang paling bermakna....
terima kasih kepada ratusan email dan sms yang ucapan tahniah.... terima kasih kepada kawan - kawan bloggers yang siarkan dalam blog mereka (macam sha sha).....
p/s : tapi penyudahnya tiket tidak boleh tukar tarikh.....arghhhhhh tension - tension !

Hakim kanan nafi bercakap dengan VK Linggam...

Setelah gempar dan betapa terpalitnya imej Institusi Kehakiman Negara secara khusus dan negara keseluruhan secara amnya akibat pendedahan bagaimana proses perlantikan dan urusan penghakiman boleh dijual beli perbagai usaha oleh Regim pemerintah dibuat untuk menyejukkan semula suasana.
Abdullah menyatakan perkara itu akan disiasat ikut prosedur biasa dan tidak perlu Suruhanjaya Siasatan Bebas. Najib pula melalut lebih jauh dengan mengatakan "ye kita akan siasat" tapi apa yang Najib nak siasat "kita akan siasat ketulenan video itu" dan siapa yang mendedahkan video tersebut boleh dikenakan tindakan kerana memburukkan badan kehakiman negara !!!!
Ini mengingatkan kita dengan ribuan laporan polis dan BPR yang mendedahkan korupsi dan kecurangan pemimpin BN yang menerajui regim pemerintah. Ezam contohnya ketika dia mendedahkan kertas siasatan BPR yang membuktikan bagaimana dua menteri kanan terlibat dalam korupsi, Ezam terus ditahan dan disiasat. Malah akhirnya Ezam didakwa dan dipenjara kerana mendedahkan kertas siasatan tersebut (bukan kerana fitnah tetapi kerana mendedahkan kertas siasatan yang benar). Malangnya dua menteri kanan itu terus menikmati keistemewaan dan perlindungan terus merompak kekayaan negara.
Usaha terbaru ialah kenyataan Nazri, Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri apabila beliau mengatakan Fairuz sudah menghubungi beliau dan menafikan bahawa beliau (Fairuz) yang bercakap dengan VK linggam dalam telefon itu. Tetapi Nazri tidak menyatakan bila Fairuz menghubungi beliau... tambah Nazri lagi perkara ini akan diserahkan kepada BPR dan Polis untuk siasatan....
Persoalanya ialah Kenapa Fairuz memerlukan orang ke tiga untuk menafikan perkara ini yang sudah diketahui umum. Dalam konsep negara demokrasi Malaysia Badan Kehakiman adalah bebas dan bertanggungjawab penuh kepada rakyat. Maka ketika imej Badan Kehakiman dan negara tercalar Fairuz perlu memberi penjelasan kepada kita rakyat yang membayar gaji serta apa yang dimilikinya sekarang ini...atau adakah Nazri hanay menipu fakta itu setelah tersentak dengan pertanyaan wartawan dan tidak tahu apa yang perlu dijawab, makanya dia menipu. Kerana berdasarkan surat jawapan balas kepada Malaysiakini, Fairuz hanya mengatakan 'no comment'.

persoalan lain yang muncul ialah ini jelas membuktikan konsep pengamalam demokrasi negara yang bercelaru. Dalam asas negara demokrasi konsep pemisahan kuasa menjadi asas penting.

Pembahagian Kuasa atau dalam bahasa Inggeris dipanggil “Separation of Powers” merupakan satu doktrin dalam pemerintahan demokrasi yang membahagikan urusan dalam negara kepada tiga cabang utama : Pemerintah (Eksekutif), Perundangan (Legislatif) dan Kehakiman.

Ia untuk mengelak atau menghindari bahaya “kezaliman” (tyranny), di mana dikatakan doktrin pembahagian kuasa (atau fungsi) dapat mewujud dan mengekalkan kepimpinan, kebebasan sebenar dan menghindari kemaharajalelaan (despotisma) dengan cara membahagi-bahagikan kuasa untuk mewujudkan semak dan seimbang (check and balance) antara kuasa tersebut.

Di bawah pembahagian kuasa, kerajaan dipecah kepada tiga cabang, iaitu:

* Legislatif atau penggubal undang-undang
* Eksekutif atau pentadbir kerajaan berdasarkan undang-undang
* Kehakiman atau pelaksana undang-undang

Cabang-cabang ini mempunyai peranan yang berbeza tetapi saling bergantung antara satu cabang dengan lain. Misalnya hakim dilantik oleh ketua Eksekutif, manakala undang-undang yang berpunca dari cabang legislatif akan digunakan oleh badan kehakiman untuk membuat keputusan, manakala pihak eksekutif pula akan menguatkuasakan undang-undang tersebut.

Doktrin ini juga diperteguhkan lagi dengan elemen semak dan seimbang iaitu setiap badan mempunyai kuasa yang terhad dan boleh memeriksa serta menghadkan kuasa badan yang lain. Oleh itu, seorang Hakim walaupun dilantik oleh ketua Eksekutif boleh menjatuhkan hukuman undang-undang kepada ketua eksekutif tersebut kerana badan kehakiman mempunyai kebebasan kehakiman dan para hakim dilindungi oleh kekebalan kehakiman.

Sekiranya elemen ini tiada, maka pembahagian kuasa sekadar nama sahaja. Doktrin pembahagian kuasa amat nyata di negara Amerika Syarikat. Di sana setiap badan saling memeriksa penyalahgunaan kuasa satu sama lain. Malah, setiap badan mempunyai elemen semak dan seimbangnya masing-masing. Misalnya polis boleh disoal siasat oleh satu badan bebas yang lain. Disamping itu, badan legislatif di kebanyakan negara adalah dwidewan misalnya di Malaysia yang mempunyai dua dewan iaitu Dewan Rakyat dan Dewan Negara. Dua dewan ini adalah penting untuk memastikan semak dan seimbang dilaksanakan dalam penggubalan undang-undang.

Sistem kehakiman adalah bebas daripada pengaruh eksekutif dan legislatif. Dalam erti kata lain, dalam konteks Malaysia Ketua Hakim Negara mempunyai autonomi untuk menjalankan tugas beliau dan tidak bertanggungjawab kepada mana-mana pihak melainkan Yang DiPertuan Agong.

Justeru apa gerangan Menteri ini mengatakan bahawa beliau bertanggungjawab kerana ’saya adalah menteri yang menjaga hal ehwal mengenai perundangan?’

Tidakkah ini memberikan gambaran jelas, bahawa memang wujud campurtangan eksekutif di dalam sistem kehakiman Malaysia? Apakah doktrin ini hanya sekadar bunga penyeri di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan, bukan untuk amalan di bawah indikator demokrasi berparlimen?

sila baca juga beberapa link berkaitan isu ini.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kahwin muda tak ikut prosedur...

Amaran kepada semua Polis khususnya pegawai... jangan cuba - cuba kahwin muda dengan tidak ikut prosedur. Musa Hassan, Ketua Polis Negara dilaporkan media selepas Mesyuarat Keselamatan Negara yang dipengerusikan Abdulah Badawi mendedahkan kepada media 3 pegawai kanan PDRM diambil tindakan disiplin kerana berkahwin muda tanpa mengikut prosedur. Malah identiti mereka juga akan didedahkan kepada media.
Sebaliknya jika anda seorang peguam lebih lebih lagi jika mampu menjamin kepentingan dan keselamatan politik pemimpin parti pemerintah jangan khuatir anda digalakkan kahwin tanpa ikut prosedur dan biarkan kes itu terdedah ke pengetahuan umum. Kemungkinan besar selepas itu anda akan dilantik menjadi Hakim Kanan.
p/s : harap dapat memahami masej dari sindiran di atas.... saja bergurau dalam gundah menanti perkembangan dari Malaysia.

Era akan bersalin awal dari jangkaan

Kerana darah tinggi dan masalah dengan uri sememangnya dari dua minggu lepas Doktor kata Era mungkin bersalin awal atau terpaksa di bedah.

Tetapi sejak semalam Era sakit sangat... kemungkinan pengecutan 'plasenta' lebih cepat dari dijangkakan.... Doktor mengatakan mungkin boleh cuba bersalin normal bila - bila masa mungkin hari ini atau esok atau lusa......

Ya Allah mencabarnya cukup tertekan...tak mampu berbuat apa - apa cuma duduk dengan telefon dan komputer... menunggu perkembangan....

Moga semuanya selamat.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

ini angkara siapa ?

tahniah kepada si pembuat video ini....cheGuBard jumpa di youtube....

nak tengok lagi sila layari ini bukan budaya kita...sila klik

Menginsafi ulangtahun kelahiran Sept. 23

Alhamdunillah syukur kepada Allah, kerana Inayah, rahmat dan rahimNya...Restu Ibu bapa, sokongan Isteri dan seluruh keluarga... berkat didikan Guru Utama dan guru sekalianya... kehadiran teman seperjuangan yang sentiasa memberi dokongan.....

Kalian adalah anugerah berharga dalam hidup ini... Doa kalian penguat setiap ketika.....Menginsafi semua itu ...dikejauhan dalam suasana ramadhan aku mengucap syukur..menitip salam rindu buat semua....

Ayuh kita luruskan saf...rapatkan dan teruskan perjuangan....!!!

p/s : terima kasih kepada semua yang menginati dengan mengirim email dan sms "Happy birthday to me"

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tahniah Musa !...buat sahajalah apa yang kau suka....

Baru beberapa jam selesai mengkebumikan jenazah anak mereka yang meninggal dunia akibat deraan seksual, Jazimin Abdul Jalil dan isterinya Norazian Bistaman kini menghadapi kemungkinan didakwa kerana cuai.

Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Musa Hassan dengan bangganya berkata polis kini sedang menyiapkan laporan kes berkenaan dan jika mendapati terdapat elemen cuai sehingga menjurus kepada penculikan Nurin Jazlin, ibu bapa mangsa boleh diambil tindakan undang-undang bawah Akta Perlindungan Kanak-kanak.

"Jika ada kecuaian, kita akan cadangkan kepada Peguam Negara agar tindakan undang-undang diambil ke atas mereka," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri mesyuarat Suruhanjaya Polis yang dipengerusikan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi di Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri hari ini.

Ternyata Polis menerima tekanan hebat dari masyarakat kerana kes Nurin ini. Kelemahan polis membuang masa merelakan PDRM menjadi kuda tunggangan parti pemerintah telah membuatkan mereka alpa mengenai tugas penting mereka iaitu menjaga keselamatan rakyat. Terlalu banyak tenaga dan wang dibazirkan oleh PDRM hanya untuk mengekang pengaruh politik 'pembangkang' dan memantau pergerakan pemimpim 'pembangkang' sehingga mengakibatkan kadar jenayah naik mendadak.

Penubuhan unit baru D11 disokong tetapi ia ibarat sudah terantuk baru mengadah dan sejauh mana ia berkesan masih belum diketahui. Apa yang ditakutkan ia umpama melepaskan batuk ditangga sahaja. Apa yang lebih perlu ialah membebaskan PDRM dari duduk bawah ketiak pemimpin politik pemerintah dan dengan rela diperkudakan.

Malaysia sudah tidak selamat kerana PDRM terlalu menumpukan keselatam politik BN bukan keselamatan rakyat. Musa harus mohon maaf kepada keluarga mangsa kerana kegagalan PDRM menjamin keselamatan tetapi malangnya Musa dengan angkuh menyatakan bapa Nurin boleh didakwa.....

Buat sajalah apa yang kamu nak Musa....selagi rakyat Malaysia mandul dan tidak punya jiwa kamu pasti selamat !

sila baca lanjut sila klik

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Surat terbuka kepada Yang Dipertuan Agong

Dengan Nama Allah بسم الله ....
Ampun Tuanku beribu ampun... Izin Patik Merafak sembah....

Hamba Badrul Hisham Shaharin, seorang warga Malaysia, rakyat Tuanku.

Surat ini patik tulis dalam keadaan amat gelisah mengenai maruah dan martabat negara dari Seoul, Korea Selatan kerana patik sedang melanjutkan pelajaran di sini.

Merujuk kepada pendedahan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim semalam mengenai bagaimana campurtangan dan gangguan yang wujud dalam urusan perlantikan hakim.

Pendedahantersebut beserta bukti rakaman perbualan pada sekitar 2002, peguam Datuk VK Linggam dan Ketua Hakim Negara, Tun Ahmad Fairuz. Berdasarkan perbualan tersebut Tun Fairuz (Datuk pada masa itu) merupakan Hakim Besar Malaya merangkap pemangku Presiden Mahkamah Rayuan (kerana pada ketika itu Y.A Tan Sri Wan Adnan mengalami masalah kesihatan). Melalui perbaualan itu jelas bagaimana campurtangan gangguan dalam institusi kehakiman. VK Linggam melakukan usaha termasuk campur tangan beberapa pihak lagi seperti tokoh korporat Vincent Tan dan Tengku Adnan (menteri Pelancongan ketika itu) memastikan Fairuz dilantik sebagai Presiden Mahkamah Rayuan. Dalam rakaman tersebut juga menyebut kes Datuk Seri Anwar. Ini menguatkan lagi kenyakinan bagaimana konspirasi jahat wujud dalam kes tersebut.

Tuanku ;

Negara kini berada dalam krisis integriti yang cukup hebat kini. Seluruh dunia kini sedang melihat Malaysia, bagaimana kita selaku bangsa yang bermaruah menangani permasalahan ini.

Sewajarnya,malah tinggi harapan patik ingin melihat dengan maruah dan integriti yang tinggi (jika masih punya maruah) Y.A Ketua Hakim Negara Tun Ahmad Fairuz sendiri meletakkan jawatan atau sekurang kurangnya mengosongkan jawatan sementara untuk membolehkan siasatan dan tindakan dijalankan kerana dengan keberadaan beliau di situ akan memburukkan imej kehakiman secara khusus dan imej negara secara amnya.

Ampun tuanku ;

Menginsafi betapa negara sedang diuji dengan ujian integriti yang hebat,makanya dengan ini patik mendesak tindakan segera - berdasarkan Article 125 Perlembagaan, dimana mengizinkan pemecatan atau penggantungan Hakim serta merta berdasarkan salah laku etika.

Satu suruhanjaya diraja bebas harus di buat segara menyiasat perkara ini termasuk menyiasat semula kes terbesar negara iaitu Konspirasi terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang telah banyak merugikan negara.

Ampun Tuanku.

Hamba Patik
Badrul Hisham Shaharin
kad pengenalan : 780923 05 5385

p/s : surat ini juga dihantar melalui pos ke Istana Negara
Background to the Lingam tape
The grainy eight-minute video footage was taken in 2002 at senior lawyer VK Lingam’s Kelana Jaya house. At that time, Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah was chief justice. Appointed in 2000, he was seen as a fresh break from his two previous predecessors - Mohd Eusoff Chin (1994-2000) and Abdul Hamid Omar (1988-1994).
Dzaiddin was to retire in 2003, and the video showed Lingam expressing concerned that the outgoing CJ was moving his ‘men’ into top judiciary posts. The conversation revolved around the urgent need to get Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, then chief judge of Malaya - the judiciary’s No 3 - appointed as Court of Appeal president (No 2) and then chief justice (No 1).
There was also the plan to get former attorney-general Mokhtar Abdullah, who was then a Federal Court judge, to replace Ahmad Fairuz as No 3. To do that, Lingam had roped in tycoon Vincent Tan, a close crony of then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, a key minister in PM’s Department. They were to talk to Mahathir on the appointment of judges.
Ahmad Fairuz was appointeded Court of Appeal president in December 2002 - months after the telephone conversation. Dzaiddin stepped down as CJ in 2003 and he was replaced by Ahmad Fairuz. Mokhtar, however, could not take the No 3 post as he was in coma after suffering from a fall in August 2002. He died in 2003. Ahmad Fairuz' term as CJ will end in October 2007.

Ya Allah benarkah dia Nurin.....?

Terbaru : Tersentak membaca petikan berita Bernama yang menyatakan Ujian DNA telah mengesahkan mayat yang ditemui dalam sebuah beg di sebuah kedai di PJS1, Petaling Jaya Utama Isnin lepas sebagai mayat Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, yang hilang sejak sebulan lepas.

Tak terucap... tetapi berat mata melihat berat lagi sengsara keluarga mangsa !... Alfatihah... semoga Nurin tenang di alam sana selepas sengsara di hujung nyawanya.
Demikian kata Ketua Polis Daerah Petaling jaya ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed yang dipetik daripada Bernama.

Bagaimanapun, bapa Nurin, Jazimin Abdul Jalil yang ditemui wartawan Salmiyah Harun di Hospital Kuala Lumpur tidak yakin mayat kanak-kanak yang ditemui tersebut sebagai anaknya.

Sehubungan itu beliau meminta pihak berkenaan membuat ujian DNA sekali lagi. Jika benar ia Nurin, maka anak ini mangsa keadaan kacau bilau negara yang tahap keselamatanya makin meruncing.

Perlakuan jenayah termasuk jenayah ke atas kanak-kanak yang berlaku seorang demi seorang menunjukkan negara ini bukan saja menakutkan bahkan makin tidak selamat. Semua orang takut melihat kes-kes jenayah yang boleh dikatakan berlaku setiap hari terutamanya pembunuhan kejam yang tidak berperikemanusiaan itu. Apa lagi katanya, mangsa pembunuhan itu adalah kanak-kanak yang tidak memahami erti kehidupan.
Contohnya bedah siasat ke atas mayat mangsa mendapati ususnya pecah dan mengalami pendarahan teruk bahagian dalam perut akibat disumbat benda keras yang dipercayai timun dan terung.
Kes-kes seperti itu menggambarkan negara ini tidak selamat dan perlukan kepekaan dan tindakan drastik kerajaan. Maknanya penjaga kena berhati-hati dan tidak boleh biarkan anak-anak sendirian dan kepada ibu bapa mereka kena ingat negara kita tidak selamat. Sebagai bakal bapa dan warga Malaysia ini amat membimbangkan.
Alasan seperti polis kekurangan anggota dan seumpamanya merupakan alasan dangkal yang langsung tidak boleh diterima akal kerana ketika yang sama bukan sedikit tenaga anggota keselamatan negara di 'rela' kan untuk diperkuda demi menjaga keselamatan politik parti pemerintah.

Tindakan segera perlu dilakukan kurangkan segera bilangan anggota Cawangan Khas yang diperkudakan untuk mengumpulkan maklumat politik untuk kepentingan Barisan Nasional. Tempatkan segera polis di kawasan berisiko untuk memantau dan merisik kegiatan jenayah.

Perbelanjaan tinggi menanggung segala oerasi Cawangan Khas seperti memantau panggilan telefon, memantau pergerakan pemimpin pembangkang perlu dikurangkan. Pindahkan anggota berlebihan dalam cawangan khas ke unit ronda atau pendidikan mengenai keselamatan yang lebih memerlukan sekarang ini.
Rakaman takziah buat keluarga mangsa, kini masih banyak lagi senarai anak hilang yang masih belum ditemui. Bertindak segera jadikan ia ikhtibar. Masyarakat juga harus lebih akktif memainkan peranan dalam menangani permasalahan jenayah ini.

Cuti panjang .....sempena Chusok

Bermula petang ini cuti panjang kampus akan tutup, cuti perayaan Chusok. Kelas pertama selepas cuti ialah 1 Oktober 2007.

Perayaan Chusok atau juga Chuseok merupakan perayaan kesyukuran penting bagi masyarakat Korea. Perayaan Chusok disambut pada hari ke 15 dalam bulan ke 8 menurut kalendar lunar masyarakat Korea. Chusok bererti Hari kebesaran dalam pertengahan bulan Ogos sebagai menyambut musim menuai. Perayaan ini mempunyai arti istimewa bagi masyarakat Korea, di mana pada hari itu mereka kembali ke kampung halamannya untuk berziarah di makam para leluhur.

Pada hari perayaan diadakan jamuan kesyukuran yang dikenali sebagai Hangawi (한가위) (dari kata "han" = "besar" dan "gawi" = "tengah", contoh,. "hari kebesaran dipertengahan musim luruh (autumn)").

Falsafah perayaan Chusok merupakan perayaan 'marhaenis' di Korea ini. Ketika penindasan diktator perayaan ini dijadikan pentas untuk mereka berkumpul dan membangkitkan kesedaran menuntut keadilan. Banyak pengkisahan sejarah merakamkan dan mengaitkan Chusok dengan semangat perjuangan melawan penindasan khususnya oleh kaum tani. Hangawi pula merupakan sesi menemukan semula semua ahli keluarga yang terpisah terpaksa merantau kerana desakan ekonomi dan memperjuangkan hidup. Maka semangat Hangawi ini berkaitan dengan semangat penyatuan keluarga yang tertindas oleh desakan ekonomi.

Cuti panjang semasa Chusok tapi nampaknya bukan masa 'relaks' tapi kena terus mengadap buku dan komputer. Banyak kerja yang perlu disiapkan. Kertas semester, Kertas seminar dan thesis yang harus dimulakan. Borang - borang kaji selidik thesis pula perlu di'translate' ke dalam hanggul (bahasa Korea).

Dalam cuti ini juga mungkin berkesempatan ziarah Masjid di Seoul 'Ietewon' untuk bertarawikh jemaah...masalah pula nak buka puasa kawasan tu mahal sangat .....

Apa pun dapat beberapa jemputan meraikan Chusok bersama teman Korea mungkin akan dimanafaatkan untuk mendalami perayaan marhaenis ini. Perkongsian mengenai falsafah Chusok ini agak terhad kerana bahan-bahanya dalam bahasa Hanggul.....ambil masa nak terjemah ! Mungkin Chusok tahun depan lah siap terjemahan itu ....
Kepada teman - teman di Malaysia harap terus semangat ! Pendedahan terbaru semalam sebenarnya merupakan puncak pendedahan 'perselingkuhan' Konspirasi yang pernah menjahanamkan negara. Ia harus diberikan perhatian khusus. Tidak akan ada media besar yang punya maruah untuk menyiarkan pendedahan tersebut, maka usaha menyebaran maklumat kepada rakyat harus dipertingkatkan.
Ingat tarikh hiri ini pada satu tahun dahulu, kita pernah mengadakan perhimpunan terbesar rakyat Malaysia di Masjid Negara... ? Ia boleh berlaku semula apabila kita menumpukan dengan grak kerja dan ketepikan masalah kecil !
Ayuh kita garap semua kekuatan untuk menegak keADILan

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pencabulan 'kebebasan' Institusi kehakiman : Tubuh segera suruhanjaya diraja kes Anwar Ibrahim

Beberapa perkembangan sejak kebelakangan ini jelas membuka ruang untuk ketelusan dan integriti Institusi Kehakiman Negara dipertikaikan.

Pendedahan lengkap oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang mendedahkan bukti bagaimana Hakim dipengaruhi oleh pihak luar dalam membuat keputusan dalam kes melibatkan beliau. Ini mengukuhkan lagi kenyakinan bahawa apa yang berlaku ke atas Anwar merupakan satu konspirasi politik jahat menjatuh beliau.

Implikasi pendedahan tersebut ialah negara berada dalam krisis. Institusi yang seharusnya menjadi pelindung keadilan dan harapan rakyat kini hancur maruah dan kehormatanya. Negara yang rakyatnya tidak menghormati sistem perundangan serta kehakiman bakal berdepan dengan masalah yang lebih hebat. Di mata dunia juga Malaysia akan dipandang lebih buruk.

Negara diambang krisis.

Menyingkap fakta mahkamah pada 18 Ogos 2005 yang lepas Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur Datuk Hishamuddin Mohd Yunus membuat keputusan kes saman Anwar Ibrahim ke atas penulis buku ‘50 dalil’ Khalid Jafri.

Keputusan kes ini menjadi perhatian media hampir di seluruh dunia, termasuk di negara jiran apabila hampir semua akhbar utama memberikan liputan di muka utama.Keadaan berbeza di Malaysia apabila rakyat hanya difokuskan mengenai jumlah RM4.5 juta yang di arahkan kepada Khalid untuk dibayar kepada Anwar, yang sebenarnya jumlah wang itu tidak penting.

Rakyat Malaysia perlu melihat keputusan kes ini dengan skop yang lebih besar. Paling penting sekali ialah intipati keputusan penghakiman bertulis hakim Datuk Hishamuddin Mohd Yunus yang antaranya mengakui bahawa fakta buku tersebut merupakan fitnah semata mata dan turut mengakui bahawa wujud konspirasi hingga terbitnya buku tersebut dan menggunakan buku tersebut untuk menjatuhkan Anwar.

Maka kini terbukti buku yang selama ini dijadikan kitab rujukan membenarkan penyingkiran dan penyiksaan terhadap Anwar merupakan satu fitnah malah telah disahkan terdapatnya pakatan jahat dibelakang kewujudan buku ini.Terbukti fitnah, penyiksaan terhadap Anwar dirancang dan kekacauan dalam negara sehingga mengakibatkan kerugian yang tak ternilai mesti dicari penanggungjawabnya!

Segalanya telah terserlah kerana mahkamah telah membersihkan Anwar dari segala sabitan jahat. (dari sudut agama pertuduhan tersebut jelas pincang berdasarkan pendapat Yusof Qardawi).Bermula dengan 2 September 2004 Mahkamah Persekutuan telah membersihkan Anwar dari tuduhan liwat dan kini semuanya terbukti.

Mata rakyat seharusnya kini tertumpu kepada Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pengasas Islam Hadhari.

Apakah beliau benar benar berani berdepan dengan kebenaran?

Abdullah mendapat tempat kedudukan yang hari ini ialah hasil keadaan yang gawat dan kalut ketika kemuncak fitnah dan konspirasi itu belaku. Maksudnya walaupun mungkin beliau boleh menyatakan beliau tidak terlibat dalam mengganggotai “majlis konspirator” pada ketika itu tetapi beliau tidak boleh lari dari fakta bahawa beliau mendapat peluang menjadi Perdana Menteri hasil dari fitnah dan konspirasi yang berlaku. Maka Abdullah harus berani untuk mencari kebenaran.

Pendedahan terkini Anwar yang mendedahkan bagaimana (Tun) Mahathir, Vincent Tan dan VK Lingam terlibat dalam mempengaruhi keputusan perlu dilihat sebagai kemuncak pendedahan kecurangan ini. ia bukan pendedahan biasa ia dengan bukti bervideo.

Abdullah dan Islam hadhari akan dipandang tinggi jika beliau berani mengambil langkah mencari kebenaran.Ini bukan setakat permasalahan seorang ahli atau pimpinan parti yang dipecat. Ini merupakan maslahah negara apabila pemimpin no 2 dipecat dan mengakibatkan kerugian kepada negara dan rakyat.Untuk itu Abdullah seharusnya berjiwa besar untuk menasihatkan majlis raja – raja menubuhkan satu suruhanjaya siasatan untuk mencari siapa yang bertanggungjawab atas semua kemusnahan yang berlaku. Yang bersalah perlu diadili.
untuk mengetahui latar belakang kes Konspirasi ke atas Anwar sila klik

ini bukan persoalan Anwar semata - mata ini persoalan kedaulatan rakyat...... Ayuh bangkit !

Satu Kad Ucapan Selamat Hari Raya Untuk Raja Dr. Nazrin

Kita, rakyat Malaysia, bangga dengan D.Y.T.M. Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah yang bangkit secara terbuka memberikan pandangan dan teguran mengenai isu strategik negara seperti tadbir urus, kelayakan pemimpin, pendidikan tinggi dan isu berkaitan hubungan antara raja dan kerajaan.

Pandangan Raja Dr. Nazrin laksana hembusan udara segar yang membawa harapan baru kepada masa depan negara yang tercinta. Pandangan beliau dapat diterima oleh rakyat dari pelbagai lapisan, menjadikan Raja Dr. Nazrin sebagai ikon untuk membina Malaysia yang adil, aman dan makmur.

Menjelang sambutan Hari Raya Aidil Fitri ini marilah kita menzahirkan kebanggaan kita kepada Raja Dr. Nazrin dengan menghantar satu kad ucapan ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ kepada Raja Dr. Nazrin. Sampaikan kebanggan anda melalui kad tersebut. Sila hantar kad ucapan anda kepada Raja Dr. Nazrin melalui ko-ordinator kempen, Sdr. Abdul Rahman Othman di alamat:-

D.Y.T.M. Raja Muda Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah
c/o Abdul Rahman Othman
No 9 Jalan SS12/2
47500, Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Kiriman yang diterima dari masa ke semasa akan dihebahkan melalui Malaysia Today.

Statement and demonstration in front of Myanmar's Embassy in Seoul

September 18, 2007
Sungkonghoe University, South Korea

The arrest of the members of the 88 generation student leaders from the National League for Democracy (NLD) on August 21 is illegal.

The arrested leaders were protesting against the price hike of fuel imposed by the Junta government. It was ironic that the demand for their basic economic right to rollback the price of fuel to make it affordable for ordinary people was greeted with another violation of their basic political right to air their legitimate grievances.

The decades of sufferings of the Burmese and other ethnic nationals under the Junta government merits our immediate attention to denounce its continued suppression of the fundamental rights of its people. It has been an international knowledge that this regime for the longest time, is trampling on the peoples’ economic, social and cultural rights and civil and political rights. The endless unrest and conflict between and among its people are considered crimes against humanity that has to be addressed promptly.

The right to a peaceful assembly and to be free from arbitrary arrest and detention are guaranteed under articles 3 and 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in other international laws. The State and Peace Development Council (SPDC), as member of the United Nations are duty bound to uphold these rights at all times and should be made accountable for their actions.

The SPDC cannot continue to turn its deaf ears and blind eyes away from the truth anymore. It has to face up to the problems it created and let the people be free of their misery. Enough is enough!

And we demand that it must start now! Free the 88 generation student leaders now!

Listen to the people of Burma. They want freedom and democracy. They want freedom from hunger and deprivation of their land and natural resources. They want peace and development their way. They want to live harmoniously and look forward to a better future. They want to live as human beings.

They want it now and we support their claims.

Badrul Hisham Shaharin,
Supreme Council of People Justice Party,Malaysia

Executive Co Ordinator
Movement For Democracy and Anti Corruption, Malaysia

read more about demonstration - 19th Anniversary of Military Coup d'etat in Burma at Seoul

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