Friday, March 30, 2007

Gambar isteri PM ? kenapa nafi ?

Mula membaca berita dan penafian Perdana Menteri mengenai perkahwinan beliau cheGuBard tidak peduli, itu dia punya pasal.
Tetapi sejak minggu lepas sudah dua tiga email yang diterima meengenai perkara sama dan yang terbaru siap gambar. Menurut maklumat, Abdullah Badawi dikatakan telah menikah di Perth Australia pada 22 Januari lepas. Isteri barunyanya seorang berketurunan Peranchis bernama Jeanne Abdullah (nama asal Jeanne Danker). Jeanne seorang janda kematian suami merupakan Pengurus Kediaman Rasmi di Sri Perdana, Putrajaya. Beliau juga adalah adik ipar kepada bekas isteri Abdullah, Endon.
Benarkah maklumat ini? Cuma yang peliknya kenapa sungguh - sungguh nak nafi ?


Semalam Surayud Chulanont, Perdana Menteri Kerajaan ‘Tentera’ Thailand telah mengumumkan akan mengadakan pilihanraya Disember ini. Beliau menurut BBC News mengumumkan kemungkinan 16 atau 22 Disember merupakan tarikh pilihanraya untuk memilih kerajaan menggantikan kerajaan tentera yang mengambil alih kuasa September lepas.

Dalam berita yang sama juga memetik kenyataan Surayud menolak pemintaan tentera untuk undang – undang darurat diperketatkan bagi menangani protes rakyat yang semakin meningkat.

Dalam perkembangan ini ingin dirakamkan ucapan tahniah kepada Surayud kerana walaupun sebagai Perdana Menteri Kerajaan Tentera tetapi beliau di lihat lebih memahami makna dan menghormati demokrasi. Beliau berani mengumumkan mengenai tarikh pilihanraya lebih awal, berbeza dengan beberapa Negara yang kononya di dukong oleh kerajaan demokrasi.

Malaysia contohnya sehingga kini gagal untuk melakukan perkara yang sama. Hanya Perdana Menteri (baca ; Pengerusi Barisan Nasional) yang mengetahui bila tarikh pilihranraya dan hanya berani mengumumkan secara tiba – tiba. Ini bertentangan sebenarnya dengan prinsip demokrasi yang membenarkan rakyat bersedia dengan tarikh pilihanraya lebih awal untuk di pilih atau memilih.

Sebagai Negara jiran seharusnya Malaysia (baca; Barisan Nasional) merasa tercabar dan malu dengan perkembangan di Thailand ini.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Murdered Mistress Becomes Who dun it For Malaysia Elite

On the evening of Oct. 19, as Malaysia's Muslims broke the Ramadan fast, a slender Mongolian woman was forced into a unmarked car in an upscale suburb hereand driven away.Hours later, two bullets were shot into her skull.
Then, thenaked body of 28-year-old Altantuya Shaariibuu was blown apartwith military-grade C-4 explosives and abandoned in the tropicaljungle.What has happened since is sending tremors through Malaysia'spolitical establishment. The investigation into Ms. Shaariibuu'sdisappearance has implicated close associates of the country'ssecond most-powerful politician, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Najib Abdul Razak. A key political adviser willgo on trial in June on charges of abetting the murder. Twomembers of Mr. Najib's security detail have been charged withcarrying it out. The connection has propelled this Mongolian murder mystery ontothe center stage of Malaysian politics, calling into questionthe near-certainty that Mr. Najib will succeed current PrimeMinister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
The upcoming trial is also viewed as a barometer of how farMalaysia has opened up in the three years since Mr. Abdullahreplaced his more authoritarian predecessor, Mahathir Mohamad, and began relaxing restrictions on political debate, the mediaand the courts.

"This murder case is very important -- it is a test, not just of Najib, but also of Abdullah's integrity and leadership," saysformer deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim, who was imprisoned onsodomy charges after falling out with Dr. Mahathir in 1998, andwas cleared under the current premier.

The scandal has touchedoff a feeding frenzy in Malaysia's press and blogosphere, andnow opposition leaders like Mr. Anwar are riding a wave of popular outrage over the murder ahead of national elections,expected later this year.A nation of 25 million people with one of Asia's most dynamiceconomies, Muslim-majority Malaysia is an important U.S. ally inthe war against Islamic radicalism. It is often cited as anexample of moderate, open-minded Islam. One of the most eloquent spokesmen for that vision was Abdul Razak Baginda, 47, a confidante of Mr. Najib and head of theMalaysian Strategic Research Center, a political think tank thatworked closely with the Malaysian government.

A British-educated military scholar who was named a "Global Leader for Tomorrow" by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr. Razak was also involvedin military procurement deals, helping negotiate Malaysia's 2002purchase of French submarines.At a party in Hong Kong's posh Peninsula Hotel in 2004, he met Ms. Shaariibuu. Raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, and educatedin Beijing, the petite Mongolian was part of the internationaljet set. She used her fluency in Russian, English, Chinese andJapanese to work as a freelance interpreter, according to herfather and sister.In an affidavit submitted in the murder case, Mr. Razak -- whois married and has a teenage daughter -- said that hisacquaintance with Ms. Shaariibuu quickly turned into an illicitaffair. The two traveled together on romantic trips toSingapore, Shanghai and Paris. Mr. Razak also said in theaffidavit that he had made cash payments of $10,000 to Ms.Shaariibuu, whose two young sons reside in Mongolia, "three orfour times," and had wired her money on other occasions.

According to the affidavit and attached transcripts of hisinitial statements to the police, Mr. Razak broke off the affaira year later. He said he thought Ms. Shaariibuu was being"manipulative" and distrusted her tales of financial woe. That'swhen he said Ms. Shaariibuu turned from lover to blackmailer,demanding cash in exchange for silence about his "secrets."Mr. Razak said he paid up at first. But by April 2006, he wasfed up and severed contact, according to the affidavit.Ms. Shaariibuu was undeterred: She tried to meet Mr. Razak inKuala Lumpur in August, and again in October, according to theaffidavit and her relatives.

Before leaving Mongolia the lasttime she told her father that she was involved in a businessventure that would make her enough money for the rest of herlife, her father said.
On Oct. 9, accompanied by two Mongolian friends, Ms. Shaariibuuturned up at Mr. Razak's office at the Strategic ResearchCenter. Guards turned her away, and she threatened to make ascene at his home, according to Mr. Razak's affidavit.At this point, Mr. Razak said he resorted to his connections inthe office of Deputy Prime Minister Najib. Malaysia's Muslimsare governed by Islamic family law, and an adultery scandalinvolving a prominent member of the ruling elite was bound toembarrass the government.On Oct. 16, Mr. Razak said in his affidavit, he explained hispredicament to Mr. Najib's personal aide-de-camp, Musa Safri, ahigh-ranking security officer. According to the affidavit, Mr.Razak had gotten to know Mr. Musa while carrying out officialwork for the deputy prime minister. Two days after thatconversation, Mr. Musa dispatched to Mr. Razak's think tank anofficer from the special VIP security unit entrusted withprotecting Mr. Najib and Prime Minister Abdullah -- Malaysia'sequivalent of the White House Secret Service detail.The officer, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, was head of Mr.Najib's personal security team, according to Mr. Azilah'slawyer.

Mr. Azilah established his credentials by declaring thathe had "personally killed between six and 10 people," and thathe could easily "finish off the girl," Mr. Razak alleged in hisaffidavit. (Mr. Azilah's lawyer has disputed the affidavit anddenies his client had made such statements.)Mr. Razak recalled in the affidavit that he was "shocked" at Mr.Azilah's murder claim and replied that he merely needed policeprotection. Nevertheless, Mr. Razak gave Mr. Azilah detailsabout Ms. Shaariibuu, including the name of the hotel where shewas staying.The following day, at about 7 p.m., as Mr. Razak was breakingthe Ramadan fast with his wife and daughter in the Kuala LumpurHilton, Ms. Shaariibuu appeared, accompanied by two Mongolian friends, outside the gate of his residence.

According to the affidavit, staff at Mr. Razak's house alertedhim to her arrival. Ms. Shaariibuu was told to return later inthe evening -- alone. When she did, Mr. Razak said he called Mr.Azilah, the affidavit said.Mr. Azilah, according to the affidavit, soon arrived at Mr.Razak's residence in an unmarked car, accompanied by a fellowofficer from the VIP unit and a female police constable. Theyshoved Ms. Shaariibuu inside and took her away, according towitness statements. She was never seen alive in public again.At some point that night, according to the affidavit, Mr. Azilahcalled Mr. Razak with a message: "Tonight, Sir, you can sleepwell."Mr. Razak bumped into Mr. Musa, Mr. Najib's aide-de-camp, at thedeputy prime minister's office the following day, and asked whathad happened to the Mongolian woman. According to Mr. Razak'saffidavit, Mr. Musa replied then and in later meetings that hehad not been updated by Mr. Azilah. (Mr. Musa, who hasn't beencharged with any crime, didn't respond to requests for comment.)Ms. Shaariibuu's disappearance didn't go unnoticed. Her father,Setev, a filmmaker and psychology professor at Mongolia's StateUniversity, arrived in Kuala Lumpur to look for her. Alerted byMs. Shaariibuu's two Mongolian friends and initially assumingthat she had been arrested, he contacted Malaysian police.

They quickly found witnesses of the Oct. 19 kidnapping, carried outin plain sight outside Mr. Razak's home.Interrogations of Mr. Razak then led to Mr. Azilah and hisfellow VIP unit officer, who had to be recalled from a missionprotecting Prime Minister Abdullah in Pakistan. Eventually, theinvestigators came upon a jungle clearing outside Kuala Lumpur,where charred bone fragments were found on Nov. 6.Subsequent DNA testing, made with the assistance of Ms.Shaariibuu's father, confirmed that these were indeed theMongolian woman's remains.A week later, Mr. Azilah and the fellow VIP unit officer, SirulAzhar Umar, were charged with murder, Mr. Razak with abettingthem. All three have pleaded not guilty and are being heldwithout bail. They face the death penalty if convicted. Thefemale constable hasn't been charged.Attorneys for the two VIP unit officers dispute Mr. Razak'saffidavit, which was submitted as part of a failed bailapplication in late January. Mr. Azilah, his lawyer insists, wassimply doing his job.

"My client is a senior-ranking officer inthe special unit of the police, and he has always acted oninstructions -- including in this case," says the attorney,Zulkifli Noordin.

Mr. Zulkifli declined to say who issued these instructions.After Ms. Shaariibuu was spirited away from Mr. Razak's house,his client took her to the national police headquarters incentral Kuala Lumpur for interrogation, Mr. Zulkifli said. Whathappened after that, Mr. Zulkifli will not yet say. TheMalaysian police have declined to comment while the case is incourt.As newly emboldened Malaysian newspapers first reported thearrests of Mr. Razak and the two officers late last year, thepolice tried to halt the coverage and briefly detained fivelocal reporters. Opposition politicians like Mr. Anwar, theformer deputy premier, cried coverup. Prime Minister Abdullahhimself stepped in, ordering a thorough investigation andassuring fellow Malaysians that "nobody is above the law."Unlike Mr. Abdullah, his deputy, Mr. Najib, has kept silent sofar, ignoring demands of opponents that he explain any personalrole in this drama.

The spotlight on Mr. Najib, however, islikely to intensify once the actual murder trial begins. ComeJune, the chairman of Malaysia's biggest opposition party,Karpal Singh, will be waiting to pounce in that courtroom --as the attorney representing Ms. Shaariibuu's family

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So websites and blogs are not a reliable source of news for Malaysia?

(MalaysiaKini) The Internal Security Ministry has warned mainstream newspapers in the country against quoting and publishing "anti-government articles" from online portals and blogs.

The March 13 letter, which was sent to the country's top editors, was signed by the ministry's Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit senior officer Che Din Yusof, on behalf of the ministry's secretary-general.Malaysiakini has obtained a copy of the circular from a source.The ministry reminded newspapers that under Section 8A(2) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, it is the responsibility of newspaper editors to take reasonable steps to ensure the correctness and truth of news before publishing them.
"As a responsible newspaper, the owner must observe the principles and code of ethics of journalism, which among others is to ensure that every news report must have a sound and proper basis."It would not be advisable for a mainstream newspaper to play on public sentiments and deliberately go against the basic principles of journalism as this could undermine stability and national security.

"Such an action, the letter stressed, would not be in conformity with the "principles of openness and truth as desired by the government". In the circular, the Internal Security Ministry also reminded mainstream newspapers not to publish or "give any consideration whatsoever" to online articles which are found to have no basis at all, or based on mere speculation. In a thinly veiled threat, newspapers are reminded that condition 11 of their publishing permit requires them "to follow and not to act against" such directives issued by the ministry. (tulisan ini aku petik terus dari sebuah blog Pro Dr. M sambil tersenyum....)

Kedutaan hubungi universiti ! ?

Semalam tiba tiba aku dihubungi oleh Francis, Executive Director ARENA yang secara serius nadanya bertanyakan "Adakah aku ada apa - apa masalah dengan kerajaan Malaysia ? "
Aku pelik disergah oleh keseriusan Francis yang aku kenali sebelum ini sebagai orang yang merendah diri, suka tersenyum dan jenaka kadang kala.
Aku cuba mengelak menjawab soalannya dengan bertanya satu lagi soalan.

"Kenapa ?" tanyaku.

Francis menjelaskan bahawa pihak kedutaan menelefon pejabat ARENA dan university bertanya bermacam macam tentang aku, seperti maklumat penaja, tempat tinggal dan seumpamanya. Francis mengatakan dia tak melayan kerana ia kelihatan tidak profesional dan berbau ugutan tindakan pihak kedutaan Malaysia itu. Dia minta aku ke pejabat MAINS esok.
Pagi ini di pejabat university aku dijelaskan lagi sekali mengenai panggilan telefon tersebut. Profesor Dr Hur (salah seorang tenaga pengajar MAINS) menyatakan itu kemungkinan perkara biasa bagi kedutaan. Walaubagaimanapun yang lain tidak bersetuju dengan pendapat itu kerana ia bukan perkara biasa. Di bumi demokrasi seperti Korea Selatan ini kerajaan Korea Selatan pun tidak boleh sewenang - wenang menelefon atau datang meminta data mengenai seseorang pekerja atau mahasiswa, itu boleh disifatkan sebagai ugutan.

Dan berdasarkan pengalaman mereka menguruskan penuntut asing perkara ini tidak pernah berlaku. Maka mereka meminta penjelasan aku jika aku tahu apa yang berlaku.

Lantas aku menjelaskan yang jumlah bilangan aku pernah ditahan, jumlah bilangan aku pernah bermalam di lokap, masih mempunyai kes tertangguh di mahkamah dan kegiatan lain aku di Malaysia. Aku terus menyambung mengenai kenyataan aku terbaru mengenai lawatan Najib (Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia).

Mereka terus tersenyum tanda paham. Mereka mengatakan kemungkinan Malaysia mahu tahu bagaimana orang yang selalu ditahan di negara sendiri boleh diterima belajar dengan tanggungungan biasiswa penuh di negara lain, atau mungkin pihak kedutaan terkejut apabila muka aku berjaya menghiasi kebanyakan media tempatan yang merakam aksi anti perang tempoh hari.

Mereka mengatakan university ini dan badan - badan yang terbabit mendokong kursus aku ini merupakan antara gerakan paling progresif di Korea Selatan dan rantau ini. Aku tidak perlu gusar, aku selamat di sini cuma pastikan paksi aku terus berjuang melawan penindasan, menlontarkan kritikan dan pandangan. Di sini mereka hargai keberanian berjuang menentang kezaliman dan penyuburan budaya perdebatan untuk memperbaiki pemikiran dan keadaan.
Aku melangkah keluar pejabat university tengahari ini, sambil tersenyum bercampur sedih. Tersenyum gembira kerana aku berada di kelompok progresif yang paham erti perlawanan menentang penindasan tetapi sedih kerana ia berlaku bukan di bumi ku sendiri.......
Aku pernah hilang pekerjaan tetap kerana tekanan...aku pilih jalan payah dan susah untuk perjuangan... aku tak akan gentar... LAWAN ! Tersenyum merenung hujan di bumi Kimchi.

p/s : selepas berita Kedutaan Malaysia di Korea Selatan menghubungi universiti tersebar di kelompok aktivis tempatan dan antarabangsa, ramai yang mula menyatakan kurang senang dengan perbagai cara fax dan email kedutaan sekurang kurangnya terasa hangat protes. Terima kasih .. dan semua comrade. Pic merupakan gambar Prof. Mohi (Bangladesh), pengajar MAINS bersama Francis...depa pun join demo gak...

Buat Bom di rumah !

Hujan sekarang di Seoul. Tengahari ini aku malas nak makan tengahari so selepas Solat Zuhor aku layari internet di Perpustakaan SKHU.... aku layari blog - blog anak muda Malaysia. Terkejut sampai tertawa aku.........

Adaka satu laman web ini siap ajar cara buat bom.... bayangkan kalau botol plastik itu ditukar botol kaca ?

Layarilah laman dia nie.... cuma jangan buatlak lepas nie then tuduh che'GuBard menghasut..kepada pemilik laman web ini aku cuma nak kata 'style!'

Maz Irwan seorang anak Malaya di bumi Kimchi

Maz Irwan ini aku jumpa ketika Demo anti perang di Seoul, Sabtu lepas. Dia telah berada setahun lebih di Seoul ini mengaji dalam bidang perfileman. Dia memegang biasiswa dari Kerajaan Korea. Cakap Korea pun dah agak fasih. Selepas demo dia dan Black ikut aku ke apartment aku..kita santai - santai sampai esoknya. Gambar - gambar di atas dari lensa Maz Irwan.

Salam perkenalan buat mu Maz Irwan.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Open Letter to Malaysian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea.

Malaysian Embassy,
4-1 Hannam-dong,
Yongsan-ku, Seoul 140-210,Korea
Tel: 822 795 9203, Fax: 822 794 5448

It's almost one year since I first arrive in Gwangju, South Korea in which during that period I fully committed myself through learning as required in my internship program with The May 18 Memorial Foundation.

If my memory serves me right, I was never in any position to create disorderly manner in this country much less to bother Malaysian Embassy routines especially at time of promoting Visit Malaysia Year 2007. I even took the liberty to promote Malaysian tourism as a destination for holidays and centre for English education especially among my colleagues and other international communities living in Gwangju. I did so with belief that cultural exposure among people of the world will provide better understanding and gain mutual respect.

Unlike what has been quoted referring to article published in Harakah Daily dated 20 March 2007, it is politically bias and repressive for Malaysian Embassy to call the Sunghonghae University to identify a Malaysian student who allegedly have written an article regarding the recent visit of Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak to South Korea to meet with Malaysian students.

My purpose of writing this letter is to explain about the unprofessional method used by Malaysian Embassy to have called the university. As you may know, the University is one of the prestigious in South Korea and gain international reputation for its education system and balance of political views. More importantly, the University is the centre of Human Rights learning where pro-democracy believers and intellectuals gain knowledge hence restored democracy in South Korea in 1987. Students stand to belief that justice and freedom will prevail and that's what happened to Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo Hwan regimes.

However, Malaysia under Barisan Nasional administration, it's unfortunate that not just education system being put under constant scrutiny but university students are subject to UUCA (University and University College Act) and other oppressive Acts.

Knowing how the Barisan Nasional would function, I won't see any changes taking place unless the people demand for real change and my piece of advice, having put my belief and centre of thinking at real democracy is people democracy - stop treating Malaysian students as your object of politics of fear and stop threatening Malaysian students who favors democracy and non-guided cheap scheme by pulling their from scholarships. For your record, the Malaysian student who attended Sunghonghae University is an international student sponsored fully by the university for his good will and sincerity for change.

In 2003, Korean activists protested in front of the Malaysian Embassy urging Malaysian government to release all the ISA detainees. This peaceful protest has gain international momentum and creates news around the globe. Image of Malaysia through its embassy in South Korea will further be tarnished should the embassy fails to back off from interfering with individual rights to freedom of expression.

It's a long way for Visit Malaysia Year 2007 to be warped up like this simply by few ignorant and fear driven Malaysians. As a Malaysian citizen, as much as I care about my country, I write to you with great sense of morality and responsibility and that creating a culture of fear outside Malaysia is simply childish and unprofessional.

cc: Malaysian Media and International Media.

Amin Shah Bin Iskandar.

Konsert sebelum berarak...

Muslim also our family

cheGuBard dalam media Korea

cheGuBard & Black photo (See the 2nd photo below) was in the Korean news.Will update my version of news and more photo's soon.(The protest was held last Saturday 17th March 2007)"파병은 미국의 침략전쟁 정당화하는 꼴"
[현장] '3·17 이라크 침략 4년 규탄 국제공동반전행동'

최윤석(younseck) 기자
▲ 서울역 광장에서 '3·17 이라크 침략 4년 규탄 국제공동반전행동' 집회를 마친 1천여명의 참가자들이 광화문까지 거리 행진을 펼치고 있다.
ⓒ 최윤석
미국의 이라크침략 4주년을 맞아 이를 규탄하는 집회와 거리 행진이 17일 서울역 광장과 청계천 일대에서 펼쳐졌다.이날 오후 3시경 서울역 광장에 모인 1천여명의 참가자들은 "'대테러 전쟁'이라는 미명 아래 아프가니스탄과 이라크를 침략한 전쟁은 어떠한 이유로도 정당화될 수 없다"고 주장했다.이 들은 "아프가니스탄에서 1만명 이상 그리고 이라크에서는 최대 65만명의 민간인이 사망했다는 사실은 이 전쟁과 점령의 참상을 너무도 잘 보여준다"며 "이라크와 아프가니스탄에 대한 미국의 점령 종식과 함께 이 지역에 파병돼 있는 한국군의 즉각적인 철군"을 요구했다.
▲ 서울역 광장에서 열린 '3·17 이라크 침략 4년 규탄 국제공동반전행동' 집회에서 한 참가자가 미국의 이라크 침략을 규탄하는 선전물을 높이 들어보이고 있다.
ⓒ 최윤석

▲ '3·17 이라크 침략 4년 규탄 국제공동반전행동' 집회에 참석한 외국인 노동자들이 '전쟁 반대' 구호를 외치고 있다.
ⓒ 최윤석
또한 "침략과 약탈을 목적으로 하는 미국 부시 정부의 야만적 전쟁 앞에서 노무현 정부가 취한 태도는 오로지 군대를 파병해 부시 정부의 침략전쟁을 정당화해주는 것이었고 이제는 그것도 모자라 레바논으로까지 파병을 확장해 전쟁의 비극을 키워가려 하고 있다"며 현 정부의 레바논 파병 계획을 강력히 비난하고 즉각적인 파병철회를 요구했다.

▲ 집회를 마친 참가자가 한국군 파병을 규탄하는 선전물을 높이 들고 거리행진을 펼치고 있다.
ⓒ 최윤석

▲ 집회를 마친 1천여명의 참가자들이 한국군의 즉각적인 철군을 요구하며 거리행진을 펼치고 있다. ⓒ 최윤석

▲ 집회를 마친 참가자가 미군의 이라크 민간인 학살을 규탄하며 구호를 외치고 있다. ⓒ 최윤석
집회 참가자들은 오후 5시경부터 서울역 광장에서 2개 차로를 이용해 회현로터리, 을지로4거리 등을 거쳐 청계천 광교까지 "전쟁반대, 한국군 철수" 등의 구호를 외치며 거리행진을 벌인 뒤 저녁 7시경 자진 해산했다. ▲ 집회를 마친 1천여명의 참가자들이 거리행진을 시도하며 이를 막는 경찰과 대치하고 있다. ⓒ 최윤석
▲ 집회 참가자들의 거리행진을 막기 위해 서울역 광장을 봉쇄한 경찰버스들.

이날 집회에서 '인도에서 행진'이라는 단서를 달아 집회를 허가했던 경찰은 50여 대의 경찰버스를 동원해 집회참가자들의 거리행진을 철저히 봉쇄했다. 이에 반발한 집회 참가자들은 서울역 일대에서 경찰과 30여분 간 대치했으나, 경찰과 협의해 큰 충돌 없이 행진을 시작해 거리 행진을 마무리했다.
▲ 경찰의 불법행위를 감시하러 나온 인권단체의 한 회원이 '경찰의 비디오 촬영은 불법채증'이라며 강력히 항의하고 있다.
한편 이날 집회에서 경찰은 지난 10일 서울 광화문 일대에서 열린 '한미FTA 반대 집회'에서 기자 및 시위대를 무차별 폭행해 물의를 빚은 것을 의식한 듯 '취재보호'라고 쓰인 완장을 찬 경찰 10여명을 배치해 눈길을 끌었으며, 완전무장한 진압병력 대신 비무장 정복경찰들을 앞세워 집회 참가자들과 충돌을 피하고자 하는 모습이 보였다.인권단체 회원 20여명도 이날 집회와 거리행진에 참석해 '인권을 지키는 시위대를 위한 안내서'를 집회 참가자들에게 배포하고 경찰의 불법적인 인권유린 행위를 감시했다.

Monday, March 19, 2007

terorrist ?

Apakah terorist berdasarkan cara penampilan atau perlakuan ?

dedikasi untuk dua jurugambar rasmi

selalunya jurugambar hanya akan merakam peristiwa tetapi mereka tidak punya gambar kenangan berada di tempat peristiwa. Lantas ketika demo anti perang di Seoul aku dedikasikan gambar Pimpaka - Thailand dan Black - Malaysia (dari lensa kamera canon digital camera A400) dua teman aku yang memainkan watak jurugambar dalam demo tersebut. Gambar gambar selepas ini ialah dari lensa mereka.