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The tragedy in Mina? As if Muslims would open the eyes

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27 September 2015

The tragedy in Mina?
As if Muslims would open the eyes

1. Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) by sympathy with al-Fatihah condolences for all the victims of mis-management in the Holy Land of Mecca that accidently killed many pilgrims during Haj, most refer to Mina incident that killed hundreds of pilgrims martyred. Tragedy after tragedy has given a bad image and perception of Muslims around the world.

2. SAMM lambasted the statement by Saudi Arabia Minister, Khalid Al Faleh that we must leave it to fate alone. He said that the Muslim community must accept the tragedy and simply stated that it was caused by the undisciplined behavior by pilgrims involved. From his statement it seems like it just gives a bad impression to the Saudis only but not to the congregation and the Muslims in particular. The western world continues to associate Islam with terrorism and the counter-statements by its minister would further worsens the image of Islam in the eyes of the world community.  He also easily stated that the victims were not disciplined during the pilgrimage.

3. Citing Al Diyar, news Lebanon that clearly states the cause of the tragedy is when the convoy involving Prince Salman, guarded by 200 soldiers and 150 policemen entering Mina, then suddenly occur during peak hours and without the knowledge of many pilgrims it begins to become claustrophobic and panic. Even worse when the royal entourage began throwing in the tunnel with the opposite direction leading to the shoving incidents.

4. According to several news sources, although aware of the human stampede was starting up the cause of death, together with the escort of the royal group comprising police and the army left the scene as if nothing happened. The Saudi Arabian government is aware of the incident but hide the secret.

5. If this is true, then the Mina tragedy is not an accident but it was a murder, in which the Saudi government must take full responsibility. SAMM fully supports emerging countries like Iran dare to take legal action to Saudi Arabia for this tragedy.

6. On the September of 18th 2015, SAMM has submitted a memorandum to the King Salman Al Saud regarding of the crane tragedy at the Grand Mosque. SAMM accept destiny is but what is regrettable is the attitude of the ruling Arab pilgrims pilgrims risked their lives to let the cranes - cranes placed near Masjid Harram risk. It is only because of the excitement of the royal family with the contractor with a passion to change the face of the holy city of Mecca. Gulf Institute, based in Washington (click here) said 95% of the value of heritage in the holy city of Mecca has been affected by the development. Pilgrimage should restore the full realization of human values ​​and the ascetic but slowly the land was turned into a tour of the city and turned into a city of shopping.

7. Until when will the greed of this development by the royal family should we hide from the eyes of the world, whereas in fact they have failed to defend the holy city of Islam? Not only failed to protect the sanctity of Mecca
 they also enable the country to become a United States military bases to enable the Zionist army invaded Yemen. Where does the action of Islamic countries on this manipulation? Islamic State of Yemen groan beg for mercy, but they are proud to kiss the hands of the American authorities to improve the Hajj quota and increase their pockets.
8. Do not glorify on this royal family, which is actually a rogue states. Is the compensation of millions to the Muslims who lost their lives just taken into account while their families suffer by the weaknesses in the administration and management of the pilgrimage. Do not think that they are the representatives of ALLAH, but we should look back at the case of Aziz Al Saud bin Raja Salman accused of sexual abuse in the United States caused the death of invited guests who were partying at his luxury home valued at USD $ 37 million in Los Angelas. He was released and is on bail of $ 300,000 USD.

9. Muslims around the world should open their eyes and admit that the Holy City of Islam should be exempt from the royal family, which has become slave of the United States and should be jointly administered by an independent committee. Do not hold the bow, kiss and apply shafaat 'with the royal family, which is unjust and selfish.

Malaysia challenged to initiate this step but sadly we just hung faded. Remember Islam will continue to be abused by the state as long as the two holy cities of the world continues to be governed by royal agents to the United States.


Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM)

please click and read memorandum Sept. 18

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