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Analysis by Prof. Dan Slatter: we are moving on the right path

Open Statement

5 Sept 2015

Analysis by Prof. Dan Slatter: we are moving on the right path

Solidarity Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) welcomed the paper written by Dan Slatter, Professor of Political Science from the University Of Chicago titled “Malaysia's Mess is Mahathir made” publish the East Forum click

Since the beginning of the campaign # SudahlahMahathir, SAMM have expressed the delirium governance today is the result of particularly dirty hands Mahathir and UMNO / BN in general. Analysis by Professor Dan Slatter ultimately indirectly vindicated this.

Mahathir is the character that has brought corruption and politic-economic patronage which so far has corrupted the  system in the country. SAMM is also consistent with the position that Najib must answer to all questions cheating governance today, but the general public should be aware that the practice of money politics and political patronage starts since May 1946 (When UMNO was formed). The condition worsens after 22 years Mahathir took office.

Therefore, SAMM have never agreed with the idea of “overthrow” Najib and to be replaced by another political leader from UMNO / BN. SAMM assert a claim to set up a Provisional Government or Caretaker Government covering all political parties to resolve the ongoing crisis and prepare Malaysia to face general elections in clean, fair and transparent within a maximum period of 18 months.

SAMM is also very upset because a political science professor from foreign universities could thoroughly understand the political situation of the country, but many opposition political incumbents trapped in narrow Mahathir's game. Be assured that he will never allow this country ruled apart UMNO / BN. It is impossible to imagine we will joining Mahathir to save the country.

What he is doing is merely for his own interests, his family and proxies that have looted the country's revenue.

Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia

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