Thursday, June 10, 2010

'MB abused govt agencies for son's wedding bash'

By Zefry Dahalan

SEREMBAN: An opposition leader has accused Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohd Hasan of abusing government agencies for his son's extravagant wedding reception.

Speaking at a press conference here, PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin claimed that Public Works Department's staff and vehicles were sighted at the venue of the reception a few days before last Sunday's event.

Badrul said he received a letter from a staff complaining about being instructed to carry out work at the venue, a private residence located in Kampung Tanjung in Rantau.

“Based on the complaint, government agencies such as JKR (works department) and TNB were involved in the preparation.

“Road resurfacing was done, water pipes were changed, bridges were built, grass was cut while the TNB staff were put on standby to ensure there are no electrical problems,” he added.

Some 20,000 people had reportedly attended the reception, which also saw large canopies being errected in an empty lot next to the house.

Can taxpayers do the same?

Meanwhile, Badrul said he will submit an official letter of complaint to the menteri besar to demand an explanation.

If the allegation is true, the PKR leader said, Mohd Hasan must reveal the total cost involved in using the state agencies and who had paid for this.

Anticipating that the MB might claim that he had borne the full cost, Badrul said Mohd Hasan must furnish proof.

However, Badrul said the most pertinent question is, “Can the MB direct a government agency to work at a wedding reception, and can taxpayers do the same for their children's wedding?”

He added that the MB must explain why the repair works were carried out just ahead of his son's wedding reception.

"If he say it's due to the needs of the public and the whole thing was just a coincidence, then what about the other places in the state which are in dire need of new roads, water pipes and bridges?” he asked.

The Rembau PKR division chief also lambasted the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for not pouncing on the matter.

“If this happened in Pakatan Rakyat states, where the MB uses a government agency for his children's wedding, the MACC will fly in like a 'super hero' to investigate,” he said.

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