Monday, March 17, 2008

Copy Paste and Replace some Words = NEWS

Bukan sukar hendak menjadi wartawan! Ubah ayat sikit je!

IGP: MALRAF trying to garner support from terrorist groups

Pulau Pinang: There are signs lately that the Malay Rights Action Force (MALRAF) is trying to garner support from terrorist groups, the police charged yesterday.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said MALRAF has also set up a fund by misleading the public into believing that the money is to finance its activities.

“We view such matters very seriously. It is also very worrying especially when we live in a multi-racial society.

Ominous words: The front page of Thursdays edition of Singapore’s The New Paper which interviewed UMNOputera and quoted him as saying that MALRAF will not rule out violence.

“The police will not hesitate to take stern action against anyone to ensure that peace and security prevails in this country,” he said.

Musa also said the group was trying to sow hatred towards the Government and that its actions could spark racial clashes.

He said such dangerous sentiments were being widely spread via MALRAF forums, distribution of books and leaflets, on websites as well as through the short messaging service.

“It is also trying to rope in gangsters to prevent local authorities from demolishing illegal surau, mosques and “kedai burger tepi jalan” in the near future"

“The fanning of such racial sentiments among the Malays is very unhealthy and dangerous,” Musa said, adding that the police would not hesitate to invoke the Internal Security Act (ISA) against those who abused technology to stoke racial hatred or unrest.

The IGP said those found guilty of spreading such messages through SMS or e-mail could be jailed up to three years, fined RM10,000, or both, under Section 28 of the ISA.

One of MALRAF leaders, UMNOputera bin Dibayar KJ, was reported as saying in an interview in Thursday’s edition of Singapore’s New Paper that that he would not rule out using violence.

He was quoted as saying that the protest by Bersih and HINDRAF in Kuala Lumpur last November inspired MALRAF’s public protest.

“The rakyat were prepared to die for their cause. I’ve shown slides of rakyats getting tear gassed and “disumbat black maria" during my roadshows and I think it struck a chord with the people"

“I think it’s quite unlikely we’ll head down that path towards a civil war but there’s always that possibility. Some of the uneducated may resort to violence,” UMNOputera was quoted as saying by the paper.

The lone FRU guy tried to blend in.But failed. His "Where's Waldo" skill sucked

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I swear to god i am MELAYU

Yeah US toooo!

p/s: no MAMAKS Malays were harmed during this demonstration. FRU was being nice for once. Bravo. LOL

(bukan artikel cheGuBard cuma ingin berkongsi artikel dipetik dari blog yang menggunakan terma kebebasan berpesatuan)


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    nice one chegu! :)

    will you be filing a petition to the EC on the Rembau elections?? Best of luck!

  2. Anonymous4:23 PM

    No offense to Indian Muslims ... but it is too much to see them shouting about DEB. It is like a Chinese Muslim going around shouting about Ketuanan Melayu. So ridiculous. Real Malays know what happened in Penang under BN all these years. They are willing to try DAP for 5 years. Really cannot understand why the mamaks are protesting when real Malays aren't.

  3. Anonymous1:45 AM

    Chegu Bard,

    Kamu tu sekarang orang politik. Ikon negara. Bukan lagi cikgu sekolah yang tercampak di ulu mana. Kalau kamu sama macam saya, seorang rakyat biasa yang tidak dikenali sesiapa kecuali famili dan kawan rapat, bolehlah kamu menulis blog dengan cara tak bermaruah macam ni.

    Tapi sebagai seorang ikon politik negara, you should never allow yourself live a low life like this. Apalah yang kamu tulis ni Chegu Bard. Nak dikata lawak bangang, lawak pun tidak. Mau dikata parodi, tak ada nilai kreatif pun.

    Chegu Bard, oleh sebab sekarang ini kamu ada tak kerja lain untuk negara -- please take your blogging seriously. Come on, gunakan cara yang lebih matang. Bukan entri-entri badut begini. Lainlah kalau kamu ada tugas lain untuk negara: saintis ke, pendidik ke, jurutera ke, etc. Sebagai ahli politikus sepenuh masa -- gunakan blog sebagai wadah menzahirkan idealisme dan fikrah perjuangan.

    Bukan sekadar terapi minda sendiri, macam yang kami semua ini buat! :)

    PS: Saya tidak dibayar oleh KJ untuk memberi komen di sini. Saya suka komen sini sebab: (i) Saya memang kebetulan buat masa ini ada banyak masa lapang (ha ha ha ha!); dan (ii) Saya tidak suka melihat pembaziran tenaga politikus muda macam kamu. Ya, ayat ini nampak hipokrit -- but I really mean it. (Nak harapkan sekutu-sekutu kamu untuk buat teguran brutal begini, haram mampus diorang tak buat. Mengapi-apikan lagi kebodohan kamu ada ler!).

    Salam politik Malaya! :)

  4. Anonymous2:13 AM


    "(bukan artikel cheGuBard cuma ingin berkongsi artikel dipetik dari blog yang menggunakan terma kebebasan berpesatuan)"

  5. sesiapa pun berhak berkata2..

    kau nak cakap apa, sukahati kau la..

    chegu bard nak cakap apa, sukahati dia la..

    aku nak cakap apa, sukahati aku la..

    ada mata pandang
    ada telinga dengar

    lu pikir la sendiri!