Monday, September 17, 2007

Non intelectual act

Contoh pengurusan institusi Intelektual dalam Malaysia yang gagal mempertahankan ke'intelektual'an mereka. Artikel petikan ini telah disebarkan kepada teman - teman aktivis satu dunia. banyak respon yang diperolehi. Hampir semua mengecam tindakan tidak sopan tersebut dan menyatakan sokongan kepada teman pelajar terbabit. Kini baru ramai paham kenapa negara 'membangun' seperti Malaysia mempunyai University terbaik dalam negara yang berada di tangga ke 200 di dunia.

untuk membaca berita dalam bahasa Melayu klik sini
University Putra Malaysia security personnel allegedly broke into a student’s room and illegally confiscated a laptop computer and other electrical items and documents. The incident involving four security personnel occurred Friday at Yee Yang Yang hostel 13 between 11pm until 1am the following day. According to Yee, the security guards were conducting a spot check on two rooms in his hostel with his room being one of them. Yee was then subjected to a interrogation session where the security guards had allegedly demanded to know why he was involved in politics. “I asked them: You (security guards) said earlier that you were looking for a stolen mobile phone, why are you asking me about politics?” said Yee when contacted.
Subsequently, the guards carted away Yee’s laptop computer, mobile phone and MP3 player valued at RM6,000. Documents were also confiscated.
Police report lodged
The next day, together with several friends, Yee confronted one of the four security guards and demanded for his belongings to be returned. When all failed, Yee lodged a police report at the nearby Sri Serdang police station. Eventually, he was able to get an acknowledgement letter from Zamali Samsi, the head of the university's Special Task Unit, a student-monitoring outfit which is part of the campus security. The letter was issued only after the students called in a police officer and stopped Zamali from leaving his office in a car [see video below].

However, while Yee was able to obtain the letter, he refused to sign the document as it only stated that his laptop, mobile phone and MP4 player were taken, and not his other personal belongings.Hotly contested students pollsYee plans to lodge an official complaint with the university authorities and the Public Complaints Bureau soon.
The incident is believed to be related to upcoming campus polls. Yee is a member of the 'anti-establishment' camp.

Students groups are already in the midst of campaign preparations as polls are widely tipped to be announced tomorrow. Last year, the anti-establishment group - who are seen to be pro-opposition - has boycotted the students election, claiming that the rules are heavily stacked against them.In recent years, student groups not aligned to the government-backed Aspirasi faction are often subjected to harassment from campus authorities.

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