Thursday, April 15, 2010

BN’s tango with Apco: PKR, PAS lodge police reports in Negri

By Zefry Dahalan

SEREMBAN: A group of PKR and PAS leaders lodged three police reports at the Seremban 2 police station over the Umno-BN government's involvement with Apco Worldwide and Asia Soft.
About 30 of them, led by PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin, lodged two separate police reports, urging the police to investigate the matter.

Negeri Sembilan PAS Youth chief Khairil Anuar Wafa also lodged a separate police report over the government's connection with Apco Worldwide.

Badrul Hisham, who is popularly known as Chegu Bard, explained that PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim raised the issue in Parliament and the government did not deny it.

"It doesn't matter for what reason the government engaged Apco. It's a company which is pro-Zionist and several of its directors are Israelis involved directly with Israel's intelligence department," said Badrul.

"Malaysia does not have any diplomatic ties with the Israeli government. Why then is government tied up with a consultancy company with strong ties with Israeli government?"
Badrul also raised the issue of Asia Soft being awarded a contract to set up an infomation system for the Royal Malaysian Police.

"Several days after Anwar raised the matter in Parliament, the Home Minister and the police chief admitted the existence of the company but said that their contract had been terminated.
"This means the allegations are true and the Home Minister and IGP blundered by letting a company with Israeli connections to have access to the Malaysian police's infomation system."I'm urging both Hishammuddin Hussein and Musa Hasan to make a public apology and if they have any self-respect, they must stepdown from their posta immediately,"said Badrul.

Umno-BN traitors to Muslim

Meanwhile Negrei Sembilan PKR Youth deputy chief, Norazizi Abdul Aziz, said that Apco's background is unsavoury and highly suspicious.

"Its been proven that the international advisor for Apco is Doron Bergerbest-Eilon, a former major general in the Israeli army who was involved in the killing of Muslims in Palestine.
"Apco may jeorpardise our national security, and we in PKR, are urging all Malaysians to fight against neo-colonialism sponsored by Zionist-Israel," said Norazizi.

Khairil Anuar described the BN government as not only traitors to the nation but also to Muslims for its involvement with an Israeli-linked company.

"Israel is the No 1 enemy of Muslims, but here our government is involved in a company that has connections to it, as our consultants," said Khairil Anuar.

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