Saturday, November 12, 2016

Maximum water concession '147'

Raymond H.H Tan

You have been mislead by these diluted propaganda and conspiracy in regards to water, from supply shortages to running dry dams; drought stories or those inconsistent "computerized billings" by Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS) and whatnot. And of those concessions holders through appointed cronies like PUAS, LUAS, JPS etc are just are just some of the tricks used to consolidate its current into their own pockets. And the very recent stories on the contamination of rivers in Selangor are fuzzes played just for your entertainment. Anyhow, these mystical informations should not propagate further, as to why our sky water became an environmental topic and it pricey uncertainty, particularly in Opposition held States? This is the story about Selangor's juices.... 

On my previous article about the Orang Asli of Pulau Kempas being robbed of the rights and privileges on a 17900 acres of sanctioned Forest Reserves (Gazette Notification 2578) ( READ HERE.. and ( which lies next to Putra and Cyberjaya, which I also indicated it as 'The Last Golden Triangle'. What I haven't mention is the south side of the forest which is known as the 'Kuala Langat South Forest Reserves' which is also how the triangular is formed. Anyways, another time for that pyramid story. The reason behind the creation or rather to have a north and a south zone was due to a river which sits within many natives reserves, so one question remain unearthed is; since the Asli has Rights and Privileges over the reserved land, logically if the river drains within, then it is fair to say that the river belongs to the natives! However, the natives are not claiming the river to be solely utilize by any-one but instead to be shared as freely as it should.
This is exactly the reason to this so called exposure. You see, to totally destroy the Orang Asli's holdings, beside land grabbing by falsifying conversion, the riverbanks were also converted and given away by the State Government to selected groups. And because mainly are illegal operations, hence the accoutered contamination. Sabotage? Let me put it this way, why the hell convert and give away lands along river banks? Don't they know all rivers are gazetted and protected with guided perimeters?
Thus, excuses given by a stupid State Executive YD Elizebird 'Yang Dunggu' has since quoting nonsense by finger pointing every thinkable inceptions to mislead the public. The truth is the idiots are trying to monopolize everything, but of course ultimately water is their main concern due to its vitality. And not forgetting the stupid Dewan Speaker Hanna and Selcat's Theng, these are the morons screwing Selangorian good and proper with all the conflicting of interests imaginable. The hell with them, dah lah bodoh, sombong pulak!

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