Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Latest from Kak Wan on Mahathir

Dr.Wan Aziah Wan Ismail
Kesal dengan sikap Tun Mahathir yang tidak berhenti menyerang dan memburuk-burukkan DSAI, walaupun Anwar sudah 'berbesar hati' memaafkan dan tidak berdendam dengan beliau..

Answers from DSWA:I regret DrMahathir should choose to continue to express rancor and venom against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. 

This persists despite Anwar's magnanimity in forgiving Mahathir's previous excesses.
But when he chose to repeat the scurrilous attacks on Anwar’s character using the same institutions he now chooses to attack - I think that is nothing short of being unacceptable.
Q: do you want Anwar to be the next PM?
This isn't about personal ambition. If it were I would not have asked him to slave away his freedom in defence of his principles and beliefs. I reiterate our sincere commitments to reforms and not personal vendetta by any individual.
Q: do you think his statements was a reaction to your absence during the Citizens' Declaration?
First I believe the declaration should be expanded to one that meets people's demand for institutional reforms and concrete actions to see the
end to endemic corruption.
Secondly DrM must understand in any meaningful collaboration with the opposition and civil society we cannot opt for autocratic methods

because we have worked throughout based on consensus ; prioritising the welfare of the people particularly affected by the current economic malaise and flawed governance.
DrM must learn to accept a vibrant democracy that we opt for and demand that the people eventually decides on the future they want.
Controlling mindsets only represent the old order.
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