Monday, April 11, 2016

Anwar is not a partner, Dr M tells Aussie media

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has denied to the Australian media the existence of any real relationship with Anwar Ibrahim despite the fact that they appear to be working together to force Prime Minister Najib Razak to step down from office.
“The question of liking or not liking does not arise here,” Mahathir was reported to have told The Australian. “I am not in partnership with him.”
“We have similar views with regard to Najib,” Mahathir added. “He agreed to support the removal of Najib. I cannot afford to reject any support.”
Last month, Mahathir and his disgraced former deputy appeared to have had two decades of enmity patched up when they both joined a coalition of opposition leaders attempting to secure Najib’s resignation as prime minister.
However, any suggestion of a real alliance between the two was put to rest by Mahathir who told the Aussie news organisation that Anwar does not have the morals to lead Malaysia.“The fact is, people complained about his moral behaviour,” Mahathir claimed.
“For me that behaviour is not acceptable as a person who was about to succeed me as a president of the party,” Mahathir explained. “I had to expel him from the party.”
Mahathir also claimed that Anwar, at 68, was now “too old” to take over the mantle as prime minister if the opposition successfully overthrew the present government.
According to the report, the coalition set up to overthrow Najib was “a fragile and fragmented alliance with no discernible uniting force beyond Dr Mahathir.”
“One of the problems we have is the lack of direction,” says lawyer Ambiga Sreenev

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