Saturday, July 09, 2016

Mufti's 'kafir harbi' statement 'very dangerous', warns NGO

Pahang mufti Abdul Rahman Osman’s labelling of DAP as 'kafir harbi' is "very, very dangerous", given the general population's understanding of the term, said NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM).
“For regular people, anything the mufti says is a fatwa (a ruling in Islam) and for regular people, 'kafir harbi' means a group that must be battled, and there are those who perceive that they can be killed ('halal darah'),” said SAMM chief Badrul Hisham Shaharin in a statement yesterday.
“However, as a movement that is pro-reform, SAMM asks that everybody stays calm. SAMM sees this issue as a chance to bring in a new style of politics and educate the rakyat."
This is why SAMM wants to organise an open discussion with the Pahang mufti (photo), representatives from the DAP leadership and an academician who is held in esteem by the community, he said.
Badrul, who is popularly known as Chegubard, added that the open discussion would allow the rakyat to hear the debate and understand the issue better.
“It would be an opportunity for the Pahang mufti to debate and defend his allegation, and the DAP leaders would also be sure to have their own response.
“The rakyat could also ask any questions that arise to seek the truth,” Badrul said.
He said several SAMM activists from its Pahang branch visited the mufti's office at Kompleks Islam Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah in Pekan, Pahang, yesterday afternoon to hand over a letter on the open discussion.
“The letter was received by a special officer at the mufti's office, who promised they will respond as soon as possible.

“SAMM is very sure the Pahang mufti will take this opportunity to share his point of view with the community,” Badrul said.
Last Friday, Abdul Rahman toldMalaysiakini that his statement was not only directed at DAP, but at all those who opposed Islam.
"Not DAP only. Whoever is kafir (infidel) and against Islam.
"As long as DAP is against this, then this is the way (being labelled as 'kafir harbi')," Abdul Rahman said.
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