Wednesday, August 10, 2016

'Azmin changed land status in favour of Gamuda Bhd'

By K Pragalath

Founder chairman of Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia Badrul Hisham Shaharin today claimed that Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali had changed the land status of lot 68054, involving Paya Indah Wetlands, in favour of engineering, property and infrastructure company, Gamuda Bhd.
Badrul, better known as CheguBard, told the press that the approval was given favouring Gamuda after the company sold off 40% of its stake in Selangor water company, Splash in Dec 2014 to the state government.
“What made Gamuda so confident of its strategy to develop the land there? They personally met Azmin which resulted in the exco confirming a change in land status,” said Chegubard.
“For 22 years four menteri besars including from BN rejected land status change application.
He alleged that the land status change involved Paya Indah Wetlands area and Kuala Langat forest reserve land.
CheguBard, who had documented evidence on the issue, revealed that the Kuala Langat district office objected to the status on Feb 6 last year but three days later overturned the decision.
“The leaked meeting minutes showed that the Environment Department protested the status change.
“Two months later Azmin launched Gamuda’s one stop whole sale centre.”
It was also revealed that Gamuda had purchased the land from its previous owner Salak Land Berhad for RM784.3million.
“A Singapore based investment company Investor Central in its survey questioned whether the land that was purchased was worth its value.”
Three days ago CheguBard claimed that Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong concealed the truth in explaining the details regarding lot 68054 Mukim Tanjong Dua Belas, Kuala Langat.
He confirmed that the application to convert the status of the land for industrial/development use has been rejected before by the same Selangor government exco under the previous menteri besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as it is within the Paya Indah Wetland area.
”I am confident that something very wrong has happened and this is being hidden,” said Chegubard, who also insinuated that the land status conversion may have been related to Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali’s plans to reward his cronies.
At the press conference today, CheguBard also questioned the rationale of speeding the approval for the land change when there were many projects on hold due to bureaucratic red tapes.
He is also confident that there is a conflict on the part of Azmin who approved the land status change.
“Does it have to do with returning the favours of corporate leaders who were backdoor lobbyists during the Selangor MB crisis involving the PKR president. I am confident of conflict of interest.”
Speaking from an environment perspective he said that the development project by Gamuda in that land would destroy the biodiversity and environment.
He said that his team is looking into the millions that exchanged hands in the form of commission.
“We are looking at our legal options and would go to the authorities,” he added.-9/8/2016

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