Thursday, March 31, 2016

PKR filled with cowards, slams Chegubard ??

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR is filled with ‘bacul’ (coward) leaders for failing to oppose their own leader who has done wrong, claimed the party lifetime member Badrul Hisham Shaharin.

In an interview with Berita Daily, Badrul, popularly known as Chegubard said that it was shameful that PKR leaders were insulting Umno members for being a ‘yes man’ but they themselves were afraid to speak up.

According to Badrul, who was suspended again by the party for his outburst against deputy president Azmin Ali earlier this week, many party leaders supported his move to dissent against the Selangor menteri besar but none chose to do it themselves.

“Many PKR leaders called me and gave their support…some called me and asked to see the documents (of Azmin's alleged wrongdoings). But what did they do? It means that PKR has been filled with bacul leaders.

“Recently, a senior PKR assemblyman hid behind anonymity in asking for investigation against Azmin in news carried by a news portal.

“The reason for not airing the assemblyman's name is because it’s not the right time yet. That is a coward move and same like Umno. They fear that come the next election they may not get aid from the top,” Badrul stressed.

The former Rembau PKR division chief is clearly upset that the party chose to suspend him despite he had exhausted all options, including party channels to complaint against Azmin.

His three-pronged attack against Azmin's administration are namely the RM9.8 million Kota Darul Ehsan arch facelift, the RM32.4 million mosque dome renovation and the latest alleging Azmin’s administration giving logging contracts for land clearing in Selangor without an open tender.

“If we can accept that RM32.4 million as donation then why can’t we accept that RM2.6 billion as donation too?

“In Islam, alcohol is forbidden. There is no such thing as you take less and he takes more. What’s haram is haram.
“Wasting the people’s money…be it in small or large amount is haram,” said Badrul.

He was referring to PKR Wanita deputy chief Haniza Talha's justification of the RM9.8 million facelift to the Kota Darul Ehsan arch. She had said that it was being financed with public donations.

“The arch is commissioned by the Sultan of Selangor and its cost borne by the public through donations.

“All donors’ names will be displayed at the site. Presently, the Selangor state government is merely advancing payments which will be paid back by the donors. This is so that the upgrading works get started,” Haniza was quoted as saying in a statement she issued December last year.

On March 1, Badrul was suspended for a second time by PKR for "shaming" the party in his relentless attack against Azmin.

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