Monday, May 20, 2013

People’s fiesta to ‘take back democracy’

KUALA LUMPUR: The people’s fiesta is not about toppling the government, rather, it is about taking back democracy, claimed NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) chairman Badrul Hisham Shahrin.
Badrul Hisham, also known as Chegubard, said a coalition made up of nearly 50 NGOs named the People’s Voice 505 (Suara Rakyat 505) will be launching an event on May 25 at Padang Timur, located in front of Amcorp Mall to present evidences of electoral fraud in the 13th general election (GE13).
“We are going to the streets not to topple the government, but to re-claim democracy.
“The rakyat just want to take back the democracy which was stolen in GE13 due to the various electoral fraudulence,” said Chegubard.
Chegubard added that the fiesta will start in the evening with participants encouraged to wear black and said that this will not be the only such fiesta as many others will be launched all over the country with the dates to be announced soon.
“We will be presenting the evidences to the public by bringing witnesses and providing statistics,” he said.
No Malaysian Spring

Chegubard also stressed that there will be no such thing as an “Arab” or “Malaysian Spring”.
“I reiterate that there will not be any form of toppling the government during this event.
“Those harping on ideas of a Malaysian Spring are just scared of the rakyat getting together for a simple cause which is only to reclaim democracy.
“Other than presenting evidences, we will only be giving out flyers and CDs,” assured Chegubard.
He added that the fiesta will be launched based on three demands.
“Firstly, we want a new Election Commission (EC). We urge for the chairman, deputy chairman and other committee members to resign immediately to give way to an EC which is more independent and transparent.
“Since they are now nothing but the government’s tools, the EC should instead be under the powers of the Malaysian Parliament,” he said, adding that EC members must be chosen through public hearings.
Re-claiming stolen democracy
The coalition of NGOs also demanded for re-election at areas where there have been proof of electoral fraudulence.
“Re-elections at these areas must be conducted without taking into account a particular party’s logo.
“Even if the BN provide evidence of electoral fraud, we are prepared to work with them,” he said.
As for the people’s tribunal which was put forth by electoral watchdog Bersih: “We urge all agencies in Malaysia to make the people’s tribunal a priority because it cannot stand on its own without these agencies’ support.
“The people’s tribunal is important in exposing cases of electoral fraud done during GE13.
“I urge for everyone to come this Saturday regardless of race, religion and political party to re-claim our stolen democracy,” he said.

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