Tuesday, May 24, 2011

splashed with red paint

SEREMBAN: The home of a PKR leader was splashed with red paint this morning and he has accused Umno of being behind the attack.

“This must be the work of Umno, which resorts to such dirty and low class tactics because it does not understand the meaning of true democracy,” said R Tangam, the deputy chief of Rasah PKR, after he lodged a police report here.

The attack occurred early this morning. Tangam saw the splashes on his walls at 6.30am.
The house, in Bandar Baru Sendayan, is the regular venue of party activities for Rembau PKR, such as this evening’s ceramah on the rights of Felda settlers.

Tangam believes this morning’s attack is an attempt by Umno to create fear in him because of what he claims are “positive inroads” that PKR has made among Felda settlers in Sendayan. - MalaysiaToday

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