Thursday, November 23, 2006

61% agree with ASLI's key finding

61% of Malaysia Tomorrow readers agreed with ASLI’s key finding that Bumiputeras now own 45% of equity in Malaysia's stock exchange despite various statements in the media that disputed the findings.

We posted the poll on 9 October 2006, when the issue was only coming out in the national newspapers. Throughout the next few weeks, the issue became the hottest issue in the news and was widely debated in the media. with ASLI finally retracting the report which contains the finding.

The poll was live for 30 days, from Monday 09 October 2006 to Tuesday 07 November 2006.

There was a technical glitch with the polling numbers, as the system states that 107 votes were returned but the voting columns showed that only 104 votes were recorded in the voting column. 3 votes were relegated to the Twilight Zone. So we have recounted the voting percentage, counting only the recorded 104 votes.

Technically, we allowed a voter to only vote once, as the poll would create a cookie stored in the voter’s PC or notebook which prevented him or her from voting twice.

Here is the question we posed and the choices we provided:-

Do you agree with Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)’s key finding that Bumiputeras now own 45% of equity in Malaysia's stock exchange?

1. Yes
2. No

From the 104 votes recorded, 61% answered yes. This is very surprising since there were numerous statements denying the figures made by national leaders. In fact the ASLI report which contains the finding was even at the end retracted by the research body.

A voter ( posed a question: do the Malays realized that they are the malaysian americans?
Food for thought.

The setting for a recent elite Malay wedding

But many Malays still live like this

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